Best Discount and Vintage Shopping In Osaka

In Japan shopping is a national past time and the city of Osaka is the perfect place to pick up cool Japanese fashion labels and heavily discount designer labels. Osaka is one of the best places to shop in Japan.

The largest shopping districts in Osaka are Namba and Umeda. In between these two districts you will find Shinsaibashi-Suji. This is a vast shopping region dominated by large underground malls and department stores. The best place for hip boutiques and youth fashion is Amerikamura. Here you will find lots of cool vintage stores and flea markets.

The Tenjinbashi-Suji neighborhood is home to many mega malls and designer boutiques selling local Japanese designs. This district has an endless selection of malls suitable for budget-conscious shoppers.

If fashion isn’t your thing, Den Den Town is home to Osaka’s electronics district. Here you will find hundreds of electronics retailers and nearly every video game on earth. Den Den Town is one of the best places in Japan to buy discount electronics.


Budget Shopping, Vintage Stores and Flea Markets in Osaka

Osaka is one of the best vintage shopping hubs in the world. Forget New York, Osaka is a vintage hub like no other. If you want to find the coolest hipster threads, head to the second-hand stores that are located all over the city.


Magnets Osaka Vintage Store

No visit to Osaka is complete without a visit to Triangle Park and the Magnets vintage store. Its an excellent place for westerners, as they stock many items sourced from the US. You will find old military styles and plenty of designer camouflage.

Magnets Vintage Store Osaka

Their theme is vintage clothes chosen by adults. Magnets mainly stock menswear with an emphasis on cool American vintage, They only stock one of each item, making the Magnets collection exclusive. The Magnets store is in the Amerikamura district of the city.


11747391 Vintage Store

The 11747391 motto is, be interesting, fun and fresh. The store is the perfect representation of this slogan. It’s a stylish environment with exciting items sourced from Japanese designers. You will also find a fantastic selection of vintage shoes and hats.

11747391 Vintage Store Osaka

It’s worth checking out the 11747391 Facebook page as they post many of their new items online. This is one of Osaka’s coolest vintage shops. You will find many of Osaka’s leading trendsetters hanging out and searching for the hottest vintage fashions.


JAM Horie Branch

Osaka's biggest second-hand store is JAM Horie Branch. You can find them an eight-minute walk from Amemura, and they are worth every footstep. The store is perfectly organized making it easy to browse. They have a large selection of ladies and men's fashion that are both classic and experimental.

They have a large selection of vintage sportswear and their very own designer outlet section. Here you find big fashion brands at heavily discounted prices. JAM Horie is a great place to discover new Osaka designers, allowing you to discover something stylish and exclusive.


Osaka Flea Markets

Osaka is the vintage capital of the world; as a result, the city is full of flea markets. Each weekend you will find vintage markets in the cities parks and shopping malls. For a complete list of Osaka flea markets click HERE

Osaka is a vintage melting pot with hundreds of vintage stores and lots of weekend markets. The flea markets get very busy, and it is best to arrive early if you want to find the coolest threads.

Osaka Flea Markets Are Everywhere



Department Stores and Malls in Osaka

If vintage and rummaging isn’t for you, then Osaka has an impressive selection of malls. Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, and you can expect mega malls on the same scale as Tokyo.


Rinku Town

Conveniently connected to Osaka’s airport Rinku Town is a shopping district and mega mall all packed into one. The star attraction is Rinku Premium Outlet where you will find thousands of western designer brands at heavily discounted prices. Virtually every western brand you can think of is represented in this mega-mall.

Rinku Town Outlet Mall

The entire district is a great place to discover discount designer fashion and interesting Japanese brands. The outlet mall has a good selection of western sized clothes for both men and woman. There are restaurants and a giant Ferris wheel to keep the kids entertained.

You will find hundreds of shops selling local and international fashion brands. There is a large selection of electronics stores and what feels like mile after mile of shoe shops.


Ebisubashi Shopping District

With its world-famous Glico billboard, Ebisubashi Shopping District is one of Osaka's most recognized shopping malls. It is home to hundreds of stores selling predominantly Japanese fashion items. This is the place if you are shopping on a budget. You will find hundreds of shops selling street fashion, evening wear, and office clothes.

Ebisubashi Shopping District Osaka

Another big attraction is a large branch of the Japanese entertainment store Tsutata Ebisubashi. Where you will find entertainments systems, laptops and video games. Ebisubashi Shopping District is the best place in Osaka for bargain clothes and electronics.


Hankyu Department Store

Combining luxury brands from all over the world Hankyu Department Store brings high-class sophistication to your Osaka shopping experience. Hankyu stock leading fashion brands that include Calvin Klein and Chanel. The Hankyu Department Store is a beautiful place that oozes charm and sophistication.

Hankyu Department Store

If the prices are too rich, Hankyu is a fantastic department store to explore. You will find some wonderful restaurants and an ambiance of tranquility., that you need to experience if you visit Osaka.


Tempozan Market Place

With its giant Ferris wheel, Tempozan Market Place is impossible to miss. It’s the perfect place to soak up Japanese culture and explore a selection of Japanese and western stores that are suitable for all budgets.

Tempozan Market Place

There is a wide variety of stores, stocking many Japanese fashion brand and electronics. It’s a beautiful mall with many food courts and places to relax. The kids will love the giant Ferris wheel and large entertainment centers. Tempozan Market Place is one of the best shopping malls in Osaka.


Outlet Malls in Osaka

It feels like Osaka has a shopping mall on every street corner. Some of the cities shopping streets are so large and diverse you could lose yourself for weeks. If that isn’t enough Osaka is home to some of Japans leading outlet malls.


Rinku Premium Outlets Free Discount Vouchers

For a very bizarre reason, the Rinku outlet mall has been designed to look like the American town of Charleston. The mall is spread across a wide area and has over 200 stores stocking leading western and Japanese brands.

Rinku Premium Outlets

Rinku Mall has free discount vouchers for foreign tourists. All you need to do is present your passport and receive your free 10% discount voucher, large tour groups will receive a 20% discount voucher.

The list of stores at Rinku is impressive, with hundreds of western brands at heavily discounted prices. This is perhaps one of the best places in Osaka to pick up designer labels at heavily discounted prices. Rinku Premium Outlets is one of the biggest and best outlet malls in Japan.


Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka

A much smaller outlet mall Mitsui outlet park has been designed to look like a giant flower. The small scale of this mall makes it a fantastic place to shop. The 60 stores sell mainly western brands. You will find Zara, Nike, Puma, Adidas, and Levi at heavily discounted prices.

Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi

Most items have been discounted by 60% making this the perfect place to pick up designer labels at low prices. It’s a great mall to explore and easily accessed from downtown Osaka.


Osaka Nanko ATC Town Outlet Mall

This small outlet mall is worth a visit just for its location. The Nanko ATC Town Outlet Mall is based on the sixth floor of the Asia and Pacific trade center. It only has 40 shops, but the location and surroundings are impressive.

Osaka Nanko ATC Town Outlet Mall

You will find high-class western brands at discounted prices. There are some fantastic Japanese brand stores and some excellent sports shops. The Nanko ATC Outlet Mall is a great place to explore with some fabulous restaurants and great views across the city.


Kishiwada CanCan Bayside Mall

If you are looking for old meets new and east meets west then Kishiwada CanCan Bayside Mall is the place to visit. This giant mall complex stocks high-end fashion at heavily discounted prices. CanCan Bayside Mall is enormous, with an entire building dedicated to Japanese fashion brands at discounted prices.

In the outlet mall, you will find many western brands stocking western sizes. This is a great place to pick up discounted Levi, Nike, Calvin Klein, and Adidas. The mall is huge and connects to various other building and food courts. This is an easy place to get lost as you max out your credit card.


Shopping For Electronics in Osaka

Japan is world famous for electronics and Osaka is home to Japans major electronics retailers. The city even has it’s own electronics district where you can buy just about any gadget your brain can imagine.


Den Den Town (Electric Town)

Nipponbashi is a neighborhood in southern Osaka that has been nicknamed Den Den Town. This is the part of Osaka that every tech-savvy geek needs to visit. The entire district is dedicated to electronics, gadgets and video games. Even if you don’t want to buy any tech, Den Den Electric Town is a fantastic tourist attraction.

Den Den Town

You can easily spend a day walking around the giant electronics stores and quirky side streets, that are filled with retro game shops and obscure electronics stores. You will find gadgets designed to make your life simple and some that will completely confuse you. In Den Den Town all the major Japanese retailers have flagship stores offering the latest tech at bargain prices.


Bic Camera Namba Osaka

Widely regarded as Japans number one electronics retailer, BIC Camera sells much more than cameras. They supply every leading electronics manufacturer you can think of and many more. BIC Camera has a fantastic reputation for customer service. You can buy in Osaka and collect in Tokyo. You can even get your items boxed and delivered to the airport.

BIC Camera

There are departments selling cameras, phones, laptops, accessories, televisions and any pocket-sized gadgets you can imagine. You will find English speaking salespeople and a few pleasant surprises. BIC Camera is in Den Den electric town and well worth a visit.


Yodobashi Camera

Selling more than cameras, Yodobashi Camera is a giant 13 story department store dedicated to electronics. They have gadgets produced by nearly every manufacturer on the planet. The layout of the store is excellent meaning you can easily navigate your way to a maxed out credit card.

Yodobashi camera

The camera section is huge and each department has knowledgeable staff members who speak English. This is perhaps one of the best places in Osaka to buy a laptop or smartphone. The choice is endless and the prices are outstanding. Yodobashi camera is one of the best electronics retailers in Japan.


Hankyu Higashi Dori Shopping Street

This giant underground shopping complex is home to much more than electronics. If you are a true shopaholic, you will love the opening times, as Hankyu Higashi Dori Shopping Street stays open later than anywhere else in Osaka. This giant underground mall is packed with electronics and fashion.

Hankyu Higashi Dori Shopping Street

There is a fabulous selection of small electronics stores with some very knowledgeable people to help you choose your next laptop or smartphone. Most major brands are represented, and the prices are very low. You will find some great places to eat and lots of reasonably priced Japanese fashion boutiques.