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Yukata is a summer kimono that is usually worn during Japanese summer festivals. These robes are also worn in traditional ryokans. The word Yukata is directly translated as “bathrobe” in the Japanese language. Traditionally, yukata robes display the colors indigo and white. These were worn by men and women, but with distinguished measurements. Today, the yukata features designs in different colors are now washing-machine-safe.


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Wondering if foreigners are allowed to wear the yukata? The answer is yes. Japanese locals actually encourage foreign guests in traditional Japanese inns to wear the clothing. There are also online shops that ship yukata online to their foreign clients.

Kimono Yukata Market Sakura

Kimono Yukata Market Sakura is an online shop that provides buyers authentic kimono material from Tokyo, Japan. Aside from being an online shop, Kimono Yukata Market Sakura also has a physical office located in Tokyo for the accessibility of other people. Their goal is to increase awareness about Japanese Culture and tradition through the wearing of their national costume.


Kimono Shop Japan

Kimono Shop Japan delivers authentic yukata through online access. All of their products are proudly made in Japan and come from reliable Japanese suppliers. Each yukata comes with a sash belt and is made of the same fabric of the product. The shop ships to many countries worldwide with the cost depending on the weight of the order and the shipping address. Clients can also have their orders packed in a gift-style which comes with additional fee.
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Yukata Japan

Yukata Japan is an online shop that helps tourists in Japan experience Japanese culture through clothing. The shop offers traditional yukata robes, kinchaku, obi belts, nikujuban and other yukata necessities. Yukata Japan has direct connection with reliable manufacturers. All the clothing materials, which the yukata is made from, is authentic and is sold at reasonable prices. Another reason to buy at Yukata Japan is free international shipping!
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Uniqlo is a widely-known international brand that sells traditional Japanese clothing like Yukata. The shop has Yukata in modern and traditional patterns that are for both men and women. The designs range from polka dots, stripes, and flowers. Though these yukatas can be picked up in designated stores, Uniqlo offers free shipping for those who buy above a certain amount so that shoppers don’t have to go out of their houses.
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