Best Kimono Rental and Kimono Wearing Experiences in Tokyo

Dreaming of exploring the cultural Tokyo attractions in a kimono? Whether you’re planning to rent or buy a new one, you’ll find a multitude of Tokyo kimono shops and kimono studios that are happy and willing to help you.

But, with so many options available, discerning tourists and shoppers might find it extremely difficult to find the right place to rent or buy a kimono in Tokyo. Luckily for you, we have a comprehensive guide detailing the best places to rent or buy a kimono in Tokyo, Japan.

There are, however, a few things you have to take note of when renting or buying a kimono in Tokyo. Before we go on with our top picks, spend some time reading our Kimono Facts and Kimono rental guides.

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Best Tokyo kimono rentals

1. Maikoya

Maikoya Kimono rental at Maikoya, Maikoya

Maikoya is hands down, the best place to experience kimono wearing and kimono rental. They have a multitude of elaborate kimonos available, and also offers a variety of cultural activities like tea ceremony and cooking classes that can be experienced by wearing a beautiful kimono. You can choose kimono + tea ceremony; kimono + dinner; kimono + sweets making and kimono + cooking courses. But, what puts them above the rest is their STANDARD pricing (JPY 3,750) and all-inclusive set, so there are no gimmicks, limited line ups, or add-on with this shop. ***See more Instagram photos***Location and reviews

2. Kimono Kawaii

This chic and decent store in Shibuya offers a mishmash of kimono rental packages, including photography sessions in places like Meiji Jingu.  Their rental plans for kimono in Tokyo are a little affordable with rental prices starting at JPY 5,500. They, however, don’t have anything to offer besides kimono rental and photography.  ***See more Instagram photos*** Location and reviews 

3. Kimono-kien 

Set in at an atmospheric apartment, this trendy store offers an array of Tokyo kimono rental packages, from a 1-day dressing and rental set to luxurious rentals. With its old Japanese charm and garments, this shop is not a bad option, although a bit pricey. The store offers kimono dressing classes, but be sure to contact them in advance to see if there’s an English-speaking trainer available. ***See more Instagram photos***Location and reviews 

4. Kimono Rental Wargo Asakusa 

With its a variety of plans and kimonos in their arsenal, you’ll likely find a garment that fits perfectly with your style and taste at Wargo. The store offers a few package options, including VIP packages for JPY 23,000 and antique kimono rental for JPY 5,900. While their package prices are relatively high, the store has budget day kimono rentals at JPY 2,900. ***See more Instagram photos***Location and reviews 

5. Rika-wafuku

With prices starting at JPY 2,500, you’ll like a million dollars for just a few bucks. Plus, it’s situated near the Sensoji Temple and other historical attractions in Tokyo. It does have some downsides, however, like limited kimono options and lack of cultural activities.***See more Instagram photos***Location and reviews 

6. Kouei Kimono 

From budget-friendly basic plans to luxurious high-end options, Kouei Kimono offers a range of rental options for kimono in Tokyo. Furthermore, the store offers maiko and geisha style plans that include makeup, professional hairdo as well as photo shoots in their own studio.  But, their prices aren’t precisely standard and they have some add-ons. ***See more Instagram photos***Location and reviews

7. Kimono Tokyo

The traditional serenity of Meiji Jingu Shrine and Takeshita Dori’s color madness make Kimono Tokyo’s location mesmerizing. Moreover, the store offers classic Tokyo kimono rental packages as well as unique plans like the lolita style package, and gothic kimono plan. Prices for the basic rentals start at JPY 3,800 and may have some add-ons. ***See more Instagram photos***Location and reviews

8. Vasara 

Although it’s located in Asakusa, you don’t exactly have to be in this area to wear their stunning kimonos. If you want to rent a kimono in Tokyo for a special event or want to shoot on a location, you may opt for their home delivery kimono rental service. After you’ve made your booking, they deliver the garment as quickly as possible. ***See more Instagram photos***Location and reviews

9. Birei Kimono 

Set right in Asakusa, this store offers photo shooting and kimono rental packages.  And, they have expensive luxury plans that include rickshaw and furisode (high-end kimono) packages. For JPY 19,000, guests are dressed up finely and completely, including hair and makeup. They will then take a 30-minute ride through the picture-perfect neighborhood. ***See more Instagram photos***Location and reviews 

10. Omotenashi Nihonbashi

Managed by the Nihonbashi Information Center, this shop is one of the better rentals for kimono in Tokyo. At Omotenashi Nihonbashi, you may pop in anytime you want, and get fitted for a kimono. Then, you may go for a picturesque stroll along with this underrated yet enthralling neighborhood. ***See more Instagram photos***Location and reviews