Asuka and Nara Periods (538- 794)

  • During this era Buddhism arrived from China. Buddhist monks also introduced calligraphy, ink painting, origami, taiko and the Chinese architecture.
Prince Shotoku Prince Shotoku
  • The capital was Nara. It was a copy of the Chinese city of Xi'an.
  • The Name of the country was changed from Wa (倭) to Nihon (日本).
  • Todai-ji which has one of the world’s largest buddha statues and horyu-ji, a wooden building older than 1300 years, were built during the Nara period.
  • China had a significant influence on Japan. The government created the Taiko Code borrowed from China.
  • As part of the taiko reforms, the emperor created an army of conscripted peasants led by mounted archers in 702 AD. The mounted archers were called the samurai.