The traces of Samurai - Sanjo Bridge

The traces of Samurai – Sanjo Bridge
  • During the latest years of the Tokugawa Shogunate (also called the bakumatsu period), there was a huge fight between the two major clans in Japan: Shinsengumi (the clan that supported the shogunate) and Choshu (the clan that supported the emperor).
  • They always had fights mostly in Kyoto where the emperor lived.
  • The guns were banned so the fights involved the blades and of course the katana.
  • In July 1864, the Choshu clan was planning to set fire in Kyoto to create a chaos and bring back the emperor to power.
  • But the Shinsengumi attacked them in a place called Ikeda Inn.
  • The fight continued on the nearby bridge and the blade traces can be seen today.
  • The shinsengumi were outnumbered but won the fight by killing 8 members of the Choshu clan and arresting dozens of the Choshu clan members.