What Are The Best Ninja Experiences in Japan?

In Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo you will find hundreds of ninja museums and experiences. Using local knowledge we have selected the best ninja experiences in Japan.
Japan is home to the most feared warriors in history. The ninja became famous in the films of the ’70s and ’80s. Known for dressing in black and moving with deadly accuracy. The ninja is feared and adored. No visit to Japan is complete without learning about samurai culture.
Kyoto Samurai Ninja Museum Kyoto Samurai Ninja Museum

The number one ninja museum in Kyoto. The Samurai and Ninja Museum has hundreds of five-star trip advisor reports, Kyoto Samurai and Ninja museum is the leading ninja museum and ninja experience in Japan.

You will learn the history of the most infamous warriors in the world. You will find ancient artifacts and real weapons dating back hundreds of years.

You can dress like a ninja and receive training from a ninja master. At Kyoto Samurai and Ninja Museum, you can use a real samurai sword. You will even learn the famous ninja roll.

Kyoto Samurai Ninja Museum

The expert tour guides are fluent in many languages, including English and Chinese. A tour of the museum will give a unique insight into the fascinating culture of the ninja. The Kyoto Samurai Ninja Museum is in down-town Kyoto. You can book your unique ninja experience HERE.


Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

Edo Wonderland gives tourists the opportunity to travel back in time and spend the day in a real samurai town. The entire park has been designed to represent the Edo period. Every detail has been perfectly recreated. Tourists can dress in the Edo style for that real authentic experience.

A visit to Edo Wonderland gives tourists the chance to experience real ninja fights. The park has traditional restaurants, the food is authentic and souvenirs are nice. You can even visit the local jail house.


Osaka Ninja Museum and Experience Osaka

If you studied ninja culture through the great martial arts films of the 19080’s you will know how Japans most feared warriors would appear and pounce on their enemies. A visit to Osaka Ninja Museum will teach you some of those skills.

Osaka Ninja Museum and Experience Kyoto

You can start your day learning the history of the samurai, your instructor will give you a ninja uniform. You will learn how to kick, roll and throw ninja stars. Before being allowed to use a real samurai sword.

Everything is expertly supervised and completely safe. The Osaka Ninja Museum and Experience has glowing five-star reviews on Trip Advisor and is an opportunity not to be missed. A visit to Osaka Ninja Museum is one of the leading ninja experiences in Japan. You can book your ninja experience HERE.