Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto, Samurai Costumes in Kyoto

Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto

Wear Japanese warrior costumes & pick up sword skills in an immersive samurai museum.  The interactive samurai & ninja museum near Nishiki Market. Kyoto samurai sword shop. Hourly samurai shows and hourly guided tours in English. Kyoto's best rated samurai, ninja, martial arts and history museum. Our samurai souvenir shop has antique swords, replica katanas. A samurai village and samurai house feeling including a ninja dojo inside the museum. The ninja park for kids and a separate kimono tea ceremony room for families also available.

At our museum you can use a real samurai sword, wear a samurai armor, get a sword lesson, do a ninja training, watch a ninja show and throw shuriken (ninja star) and use a ninja blow gun.
The samurai & ninja museum is located in the downtown area of Kyoto near Nishiki Market.
The samurai & ninja museum hours are from 10:30 am ~ 8:00 PM.
The samurai & ninja museum price is ¥2400 for the FULL entrance fee and full experiences. The full package includes English guided tour, samurai armor experience, ninja star throw experience, ninja blow gun experience and samurai sword demonstration by a swords master.
The samurai & ninja museum is the cheapest experience in Kyoto and the only museum with continuous English guided tours. It is not a museum exhibitions only as the ticket includes many hands on activities and a samurai show. The ticket price is about 3 times cheaper than any other similar experience or any other similar guided tour in Kyoto.
The samurai & ninja museum is ranked as the #1 museum in Kyoto. You can read the Tripadvisor reviews here and you can read the google reviews below. You can see the user photos here