RV Rental in Japan

A Recreational Vehicle, also known as an RV, is a vehicle or trailer designed as a moving accommodation. These can come in many kinds like campervans, motorhomes, and other camper trailer types. This type of vehicle is ideal in Japan, especially in crossing prefectures and touristic sites.


Benefits of RV

  • Cheaper Option. To fully immerse in Japanese culture, it is recommended that one stays at a ryokan or try out Japanese hotels that feature traditional-designed rooms. However, to save up costs for upcoming trips to other areas, renting an RV is the best option to prolong the travel budget.
  • Flexible Travel.  If one dreams of flexible travel in Japan, then the RV is the way to convenient travel. Guests get to keep their schedule and explore the roads they want to travel.
  • Social Distancing Approved. Though the coronavirus is not that visible to the naked eye, the pandemic is still an unfortunate occurrence that continues to affect many countries. For safe travel, it is best to rent an RV than to risk sitting in public transportation.


Best RV Rental in Japan

El Monte RV

El Monte RV Motorhome Vacations is where traveling guests can rent convenient transportation for traveling in Japan. All of their rental vehicles are equipped with ETC Devices, SD Navigation, Bluetooth Audio, Air Conditioners, and Double Substitute Batteries. Guests can also store food in the refrigerator and heat meals in the microwave. These are also inclusive of all the rental RVs of El Monte.


Japan Campers

Japan Campers is an agency that offers independent traveling and tailors trips for their clients. The company offers miniature campers, big campervans, mid-size vans, and motorhomes. They also provide mobile WiFi and free GPS navigation to all their customers. Rentals also come with free camping equipment like bedding, camping tables and chairs, cooking equipment, and a dining set.


Japan RV Rental


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Japan RV Rental is Japan’s number one adventure company that provides camper vans, motorhomes, and other rental vehicles. The company has served RV travelers for over ten years! Their rental locations can be located in Tokyo, Chitose, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Fukuoka. The company also offers free English GPS, itinerary guides, 24-hour emergency assistance for their travelers.


Japan C.R.C.

Japan C.R.C. is the biggest RV rental company in Japan. The company offers Class C RV, Hokusai Class C RV, only available in Hokkaido, and Class B RV, which is only available in Tokyo and Narita Airports. The company wants its travelers to have memorable trips. For more fun, the rental company allows pets to travel within the recreational vehicle. Japan C.R.C. also offers an Insurance System in case one of their travelers gets involved in unfortunate circumstances.


Camgo Campervan Japan


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Camgo Campervan is an RV rental company in Japan that offers convenience for those who want to enjoy the most of their trip. The company provides free rental equipment, free WiFi, and GPS navigation. All the vehicles also come with a Bluetooth transmitter USB port, a tablet with mobile WiFi, and snow tires for the winter seasons. Their rental locations are in Tokyo and Osaka.