PRIVATE Cooking Experience with Local Chef in Osaka

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A visit to Osaka must include a trip to the Kuromon market. The market is 200 years old and sells every kind of food you can imagine. The Japanese value fresh and seasonal ingredients. The Kuromon Market has over 160 vendors lining the streets. For a first time visitor, the market can be a bit overwhelming. That is why it is recommended to have a tour guide to assist you with shopping. Kuromon Market reflects the large fishing center by offering a huge variety of fish in restaurants and shops that cater to those who want to cook for themselves. With a guide to assist you in finding and purchasing delicacies, your shopping will be easy and successful. Make sure to plan a trip to the Kuromon Market when you are in Osaka. Traditional Japanese mouth-watering fare awaits you at the Kuromon Market.

• The Kuromon Market is 200 years old.
• There are over 160 vendors.
• Discover new tastes and new ingredients.
• Learn how to shop for the freshest foods.

Cooking Class with Local Chef in Osaka

At the Maikoya Osaka, you have the opportunity to experience authentic Japanese traditions. There is a broad range of activities, something for everyone to enjoy. The cooking classes are extremely popular. You can attend a course with a chef who has 40 years of experience with authentic Japanese cuisine. The chef has a five-star rating on Gurunavi, the largest and most trusted gourmet and restaurant guide in Japan. Although the chef speaks Japanese, there will be an interpreter for English speaking guests. You will learn the foundation of Japanese cooking, the basic skills needed and how to create beautiful and delicious authentic meals. The chef will offer tips for ways to make cooking easier, and how to increase flavor in foods with Japanese ingredients and techniques.

• Discover the basics of Japanese cooking.
• Learn from a five-star Japanese chef.
• Classes are held in a traditional Japanese kitchen.
• Maikoya Osaka offers a variety of cooking classes

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