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Authentic Japanese cultural experiences

Everyday, Japanese masters and culture experts meet with the guests and teach them ancient Japanese traditions and crafts. We show off cultural activities with a difference!

Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience provides an engaging induction to the traditional tea ceremony. This activity dates back hundreds of years and is the most idealistic pastime of ancient Japan.

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Best Tea ceremony Kyoto

Kimono Experience

Wearing kimono is an exciting way to remember your trip to Japan. Kimono Tea ceremony Maikoya's Kimono Collection, has a range of traditional Japanese costumes for you and your loved ones to choose from.

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Kimono Photo Kyoto

Geisha Experience

This is a geisha meeting in a traditional room where the geisha dances for you and also performs tea ceremony for you. By participating in the geisha tea ceremony, you get to interact with the geisha and also learn about this unique tradition. Maikoya is the only venue that offers geisha tea ceremony experience everyday in Gion Kyoto.

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Geisha Show in Kyoto