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Tea ceremony Osaka and Kimono experience

Geisha Tradition

Maikoya Heritage house is a 6-floor building that has the traditional Japanese architecture in the heart of Osaka. The building serves as culture museum and an experience centre for travelers and residents alike.

  • Japanese garden

    Japanese garden
  • Sengoku period

  • Heian period

    Heian period
  • Edo period

    Edo period
  • Tea house

    Tea ceremony in Osaka
  • Maiko kitchen

    cooking class in Osaka
  • Kimono collection

    Kimono shop in Osaka
  • Museum


What can you expect in MAIKOYA?

Everyday, Japanese masters and culture experts meet with the guests and teach them ancient Japanese traditions and crafts including. We show off cultural activities with a difference!

Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop provides an engaging induction to the traditional tea ceremony. This activity dates back hundreds of years and is the most idealistic pastime of ancient Japan.

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Tea ceremony in Osaka

Geisha & Maiko

Many geishas have found a calling to demonstrate their traditional arts to tourists and visitors. Maikoya Osaka hosts a number of these professionals who are waiting to entertain and teach you and your family!

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Geisha in Osaka


Learning traditional Japanese dishes from local cooks in Japan! Not only will you get to eat this delicious food, but learn how to make it yourself so you can make a feast back at home!

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Cooking class in Osaka

Photo Shooting

We have a range of traditional Japanese costumes to choose from. Ever wanted to be a kimono wearing princess for a day? Do you know a guy who would love to wear some samurai armour?

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Kimono Photo shooting in Osaka

1-22-7 Shinmachi, Nishi Ward, Osaka City, Zip-code 550-0013 , Japan


7min walk to Shinsaibashi Stn.

3min walk to Yotsubashi Stn.

2min walk to Nishiohashi Stn.