Tea Ceremony with Kimono in Kyoto and Tokyo

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Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience provides an engaging induction to the traditional tea ceremony. MAIKOYA is the only Tea Ceremony venue to win The Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award 5 years in a row (2018-2022)

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Geisha Show in Kyoto

Geisha Experience

We offers traditional geisha (maiko) experiences and authentic geisha shows in Kyoto everyday. By participating in the geisha (maiko) experiences, you get to interact with the geisha and also learn about this unique tradition.

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What is a Maiko?

Maiko are the apprentice Geisha who are still training to perfect their cultural and entertainment skills. Maiko must live in the "mother"s house and depend on the little stipend she receives from the geisha house. We are doing our best to preserve this unique culture.

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Kimono Photo Kyoto

Kimono Experience

Wearing kimono is an exciting way to remember your trip to Japan. Kimono Tea ceremony Maikoya's Kimono Collection, has a range of traditional Japanese costumes for you and your loved ones to choose from.

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Kyoto Maikoya is located in a historic machiya.

Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto historic machiya

KYOTO MAIKOYA is an old machiya house registered Tangible Cultural Property by the local government. It is a historic townhouse where you can feel the real Japanese culture and enjoy the tea ceremony by gazing at two picturesque Japanese tea gardens.

*We can accept groups of up to 70 people. 7min walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Stn. Exit9.

Tea Ceremony in Kyoto authentic house

Watch a short introductory movie about our tea house.

Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya was recently featured in the Japan National Tourism Bureau’s (JNTO) recommended itinerary video.

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