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Now you can have the samurai experience in Osaka by yourself or with your friends or family. The samurai were the brave warriors and the ruling class of Japan for hundreds of years. One could only be born as a samurai and being a samurai was one of the most prestigious things in the Middle Ages of Japan. The samurai who were excellent swordsmen and war strategists valued one thing the most: honor. That's why they always carried two swords, one for the enemy and one to remind themselves an honorable punishment.

Samurai experience Osaka

Japan's newest samurai museum is now open to public at Maikoya. The museum consists of 3 floors located in the Maikoya building which used to be a geisha house. You will have to take your shoes off to get in and also experience how it feels to walk inside a Japanese house. The stairs have the relevant displays to help you follow the timeline of the samurai. The first room focuses on the Sengoku period and Edo period. The second floor showcases the katana and the samurai armor. The 3rd floor is where you will have the calligraphy experience and also learn about the common traditional crafts the samurai practiced.

Samurai Experience in Osaka

Samurai Museum in Osaka

At Bushido Osaka we prepared a room to represent the "sengoku" period. The era when there were many wars in Japan and the samurai played the most important role to unify the country. We has different types of samurai armors and costumes that can transform you to a modern day samurai. You can enjoy this unique experience with the whole family as we will provide you with different sizes and styles of armor. For a short time travel, we will show you some basic samurai moves and how to sheath your sword the samurai way.



Good introduction to the history of †samurais‡

Very good place. Good atmosphere and a very good tour explaining the history of samuraisin English. We learned a lot and saw real samurai swords more than hundred years old. It was interesting to see all the samurai things. We also tried the calligraphy class - is was great too. We highly recommend this museum - especially in the start of your vacation - as places to see are recommended with small tips to see


Kimono? †Samurai‡? Ninja? - A must visit place in Osaka!

For those Samurai X and Naruto Fans out there, this is the place to be. Get to have a quick trip to Japan history - complete with all the Samurai costumes, swords, armors, ninja, etc. Plus you can also try their Kimono pictorial package at a very affordable price. Worth the visit! :)


Great way to end our trip in Japan

Great! Awesome! Friendly staff! Thoroughly enjoyed our visit. It was a last minute decision but well worth it. Since I got to Japan my friends and I planned to do a tea ceremony wearing Kimonos, unfortunately due to Typhoon Lan we had to cull most of our plans. Thankfully found this charming museum through the net and it had everything we wanted to do, from a bit of Japans history about samurais, a tea ceremony and kimono wearing. Just loved it. Thank you to everyone at Maikoya!!! If I had anough thumbs I'd put 10 thumbs up


We did the full tour, it was amazing!

We found this new attraction about 30 minutes walk from Osaka station and it was a real treat! We got a tour through their Samurai museum with a very knowledgeable guide who could tell us everything about the Samurai and Japanese history. After that we got to put on a REAL Kimono, which took almost 20 minutes to dress us up. There are so many items in a Kimono! After that we got to witness a true tea ceremony performed by a genuine Geisha and she taught us how to do a tea ceremony and make our own Matcha tea. Once we finished our tea we had a workshop calligraphy and got to write our own initals in traditional Japanese characters. We even got to take it home as a souvenir (picture). And finally we got to taste their award winning Matcha icecream, which was delicious! Make sure to go and check this out, it's a lot of Japanese traditions and history mixed into one. All takes place in a real Geisha house even, so you also get to see one of them from the inside for 'free’.


Best Japan cultural experience

We went here for the kimono dressing and calligraphy experience but ended up doing the tea ceremony too. Everything is really nice and well organised. Staff is very knowledgeable and speaks good English. With the tour through the samurai experience you get a good idea of Japanese history. The museum has some really nice antiques. Even the house is historical as it was a real geisha house in the olden days. We got to meet one of the maiko who works here, beautifully dressed up in kimono, hair and makeup, the true image you have from Japanese geisha’s.


Relearn and Experience Japan like no other

We had a very exciting and enriching stay in Maikoya Osaka. The staff are very hospitable and accommodating. Though we just had a brief tour in the place, we learned so many things from Japanese writings to samurai to ninjas. So if you want to learn more about Japan, come and visit their place :)

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1-22-7 Shinmachi, Nishi Ward, Osaka City, Zip-code 550-0013 , Japan


7min walk to Shinsaibashi Stn.

3min walk to Yotsubashi Stn.

2min walk to Nishiohashi Stn.