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MAIKOYA is a perfect solution for the group activities in Japan!

Team building, International conference, Company trip, School trip etc. We have experiences of offering Japanese cultural experiences for the event hold by major enterprises and international organizations. Around 50 people are available at our venue all the time and we also are welcome to have more than 100 people with the facilities of our partners.We can come to your hotel, conference room, and also arrange some show events so please feel free to make any inquiry if you have any preference. It is our pleasure to offer a memorable and high-quality cultural experience just for you.

Cultural Event

大阪と京都で文化体験イベント Cultural Event for large group osaka and kyoto

Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Ikebana Flower Arranging, Froshiki, Kimono, Japanese cooking experiences is the great activity to get know Japanese culture and we have those activities for you. We will give a perfect proposal depending on the number of people, the place, the purpose of the event.

Team Building

大阪と京都でチームビルディング team building osaka and kyoto

We will make a plan to develop team spirit during experiencing Japanese culture. We will mix the activities which you feel more active such as Ninja experience and the activities which you feel more quiet such as Tea ceremony.


geisha show osaka and kyoto samurai show osaka and kyoto

Memorable show is available for entertainment before banquet or meeting. You will enjoy Mixing of Maiko, Geisha, Budou, Japanese music performance.

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Corporate sales Osaka:06-6556-6257 Kyoto:075-585-5410
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Corporate sales Osaka:06-6556-6257 Kyoto:075-585-5410
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Corporate sales
Osaka:06-6556-6257 Kyoto:075-585-5410