tea ceremony kyotoKimono Tea ceremony Kyoto Maikoya cancellation Policy:

  • We understand that your plans may change when traveling, that’s why we offer a flexible anytime cancellation policy.
  • Please keep in mind that when you make a reservation, we block your slot which means some others who prefer that particular session may not be able to join. We also need to prepare everyday based on the reservations. So, please be considerate of others, and, please cancel only when necessary.
  • You can cancel your reservation anytime before the event date. After the event date, you cannot cancel the reservation. You can, however, reschedule your appointment anytime before, during or after the event date.
  • To reschedule, please send a REPLY to the confirmation email you received when you made your reservation. In the body section please type your new desired date and hour.
  • To cancel, please send a REPLY to the confirmation email you received when you made your reservation. In the body section please type at least 1 sentence why you are cancelling. We process all requests within 48 hours and it may take up to 10 days to see the money on your bank account.
  • Did you know? We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy. If you participate in one of our experiences and somehow it does not meet your expectations, we refund you 100%. Just reply to the confirmation email and in the body section explain what was unsatisfactory in a minimum of 4 sentences. We would refund you immediately.

Customer service inquiries

info@mai-ko.com: General inquiries

kyoto@mai-ko.com: Tea ceremony, kimono, geisha related inquiries in Kyoto

osaka@mai-ko.com : Tea ceremony, kimono, cooking, samurai related inquiries in Osaka

tokyo@mai-ko.com : Tea ceremony, kimono, cooking, samurai related inquiries in Tokyo

samurai@mai-ko.com : Samurai & ninja , museum related inquiries in Kyoto

Office: 075-585-5410


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