Geisha Kyoto Show and Experience Maikoya Gion

Geisha (Maiko) Kyoto Show & Experience Maikoya

Where to see a Geisha (Maiko) in Kyoto?
Although it is not guaranteed, you may spot a geisha on the southern part of the Hanamikoji Street around 6 pm particularly on the corner of the Shijo Street and Hanamikoji Street. See a Geisha Today
How to meet a Geisha (Maiko) in Kyoto?
In the past it was impossible to meet a geisha for the first-timers because in Kyoto there is a rule called “ichigensan okotowari” which means personal reference is necessary for a geisha meeting. Meet a Geisha Today
What is a Geisha (Maiko)?
Geisha is a term for a lady who is studying to be an entertainer, fully trained in traditional Japanese arts. It usually takes about 5 years to learn all the traditions and practices that have become time-honoured and admired by citizens of Japan and to visitors who meet them. read more
Geisha Online

Geisha (Maiko) Online PRIVATE Meeting

You can meet a real geisha from Kyoto’s geisha district online. Since this is a limited time opportunity, you may be one of the few in the world to get a chance to talk to a real geisha from Kyoto at your living room. This is a PRIVATE geisha meeting. You can invite your friends and family as the price covers up to 10 people. The geisha will be wearing her traditional white make-up and her traditional outfit which takes hours of preparation.

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Geisha Tea Ceremony: a geisha is preparing tea

Geisha (Maiko) Tea Ceremony

By participating in the geisha tea ceremony, you get to interact with the geisha and also learn about this unique tradition. The apprentice geisha demonstrates how to make the tea in a proper way and also prepares the tea for you in a traditional setting. Maikoya is the only venue that offers geisha tea ceremony experience everyday in Gion Kyoto. The geisha tea ceremony also includes sweets tasting and asking questions to geisha.

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Private Geisha Meeting: A geisha makes a bow

Private Geisha (Maiko) Meeting

This is a fully private geisha meeting in a traditional room where the geisha dances for you and also performs tea ceremony for you. The meetings can be arranged in a teahouse, a Japanese restaurant or an izakaya. Most of the time the meeting lasts for 2 hours where you meet the geisha at the designated spot, usually a restaurant, the geisha and an interpreter sit at your table and the geisha pours your drink and has the meal with you. The private meeting cost ranges between $400~1000 per person based on what you eat and drink. Private geisha tea ceremony costs around $300 per person.

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Geisha Dance Show Kyoto

Miyako Odori - Minamiza Theater

The Best Geisha Dance Show in Kyoto Minamiza Theater, Miyako Odori, will be held between the 1st and 3rd weeks of April. In this unique event, the geisha (geiko) and apprentice geisha (maiko) will perform various dances to depict the well-known Japanese novel“the tale of Genji.” The locals in Kyoto consider this event to be the the beginning of the exciting Spring season. There are multiple geisha dance events in Kyoto, but, locals prefer attending this special performance because the Gion geisha district is considered to be special.

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Geisha Dinner Show Kyoto: geisha is welcoming customers

Geisha Dinner Show in Gion Hatanaka

After a long day in Kyoto, you may want to relax and enjoy delicious meal by waiting the traditional dance performance of a Kyoto geisha. There are a few options for geisha dinner show in Kyoto most of which are offered in or near the Gion geisha district. This experience lasts about 2 hours where you go to a restaurant and have a set menu items of fresh meal and then watch the geisha performance. After the meal you can ask questions to the geisha and even participate in traditional geisha games called “ozashiki asobi.” usually it is an all-you-can-drink for 2 hours.

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Gion Kyoto Geisha District

There are 5 geisha districts in Kyoto and Gion Kobu is the most prestigious one where a geisha experience without a reference is almost impossible. Most travelers visit the historic streets of Gion Kobu and the southern side of Hanamikoji street during their travel to Kyoto. There you will find geisha houses, teahouses and historic temples.

the Gion walking tour map

Frequently asked Questions
about Geisha

Why do they paint their white? What is their salary?
How much does it cost?

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Recently there are many incidents where tourists engage in irresponsible behavior in Gion which include

  • - Blocking the way of the geisha to take a photo
  • - Chasing and bothering the geisha
  • - Touching the geishas kimono, hair, accessories
  • - Trying to take a selfie with a geisha
  • - Taking the photo of a geisha when she is with a guest
  • - Littering on the streets of Gion
  • - Eating fast food while walking in Gion
  • - Smoking or drinking alcohol on the streets of Gion
  • - Sitting on the streets of Gion

Please remember!!!

The geisha are human beings, they are not objects. You have to respect the privacy of the geisha. You have to understand that you endanger yourself and the geisha on the narrow streets of Gion when you come too close. You have to understand that geishas are likely on their way to work and they should not be late. You also have to understand that the geisha may be accompanied by their private client whose privacy must be respected.

As of November 25th, 2019, on many side streets of the Hanamikoji Street, photo taking has been banned.

Geisha Tea Ceremony MAIKOYA Reviews

tea ceremony trip adviser review maikoya tea ceremony review

Tea ceremony

Amazing experience with the best staff highly recommend. Had tea with the geisha kimonos were stunning. Valuable experience.

tea ceremony trip adviser review maikoya tea ceremony review

Most Enchanting and Memorable

We were so lucky to have the Geisha rather than the trainee perform this for us. She was just so so feminine and majestic in her dance then showing the very calming tea making process. We then were asked to make our tea using the process shown and traditionally drink the tea after eating the sweets.....very different than I had imagined. This experience was one of those memorable occasions you will recount forever.

tea ceremony trip adviser review maikoya tea ceremony review

Tea ceremony not to be missed

I have always been fascinated by the geisha culture and hence decided to pay more than the standard tea ceremony . It was so worth it and I can honestly say one of my best experiences ever not only in japan but having travelled extensively .

tea ceremony trip adviser review maikoya tea ceremony review

Tea ceremony with •maiko•

We met at maikoya house and were fitters into a beautiful kimono before starting the tea ceremony. After we were seated the maiko showed us how to purify everything and make the tea. After that we were shown how to do iT ourself After receiving a gorgeous little cake to eat. After the ceremony we had the opportunity to talk with the maiko who was willing to Answer all our questions. IT was a truly amazing experience! Don't waste your time in Kyoto Chasing After maikos (you wont find them there), just come to here and have a once in a lifetime experience!!!!