PRIVATE Geisha (Maiko) Tea Ceremony and Performance in Kyoto Gion Kiyomizu (Includes Kimono Wearing)

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¥20000 / person
¥18000 / person   (+ tax)
The above is the unit price for 5 people. The fee for 4 people or fewer is 100,000 yen per group.

Enjoy a special geisha performance just for you!

This is a special event joined only by you. Whether you are seeking a memorable experience in Japan or just on a honeymoon, this is af very unique experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Please don’t worry about the location or communication with the geisha (maiko) as our location is near the central Gion-Shijo station and our English-speaking staff will be present to interpret for you.

Geisha and apprentice geisha called maiko, train for years to perfect the traditional Japanese arts. One of the aspects of their training is performing the tea ceremony.

If you can’t make a reservation on this page, there may be seats available for group sessions. Please check this page. Geisha (Maiko) Tea Ceremony & Show in Kyoto Gion


Kyoto Geisha Show & Experience GION MAIKOYA
100, Rokurocho, Matsubara-dori Yamatooji Higashi iru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

*This building is a registered tangible cultural property in Japan.

*MAIKOYA has multiple branches. Please double-check the address you should visit. If you visit the wrong branch, you will need to relocate, resulting in a shorter meeting time with the geisha.

Important Information

  • Children under 7 can not enter the tea ceremony venue.
  • Lasts approximately 90 – 120 minutes
    Your appointment time is the starting time for kimono dressing. The tea ceremony is scheduled to start in about 30 minutes, but it depends on the situation. If you arrive late at appointment time, you can wear the kimono after the tea ceremony is over.
  • In rare circumstances, it may be necessary to cancel your reserved event due to unforeseen circumstances involving the geisha. In such cases, if the show is cancelled due to an emergency, you will receive a full refund. We will notify you by email in the event of a cancellation, so please be sure to check your inbox for messages from our website.

PRIVATE Geisha or Maiko Tea Ceremony and Performance


Kimono for kids ladies mens
  • A traditional kimono will be provided for you for the duration of the tea ceremony and geisha or maiko performance. You can choose from our selection of beautiful kimonos! For the ladies, our staff will be assisting in arranging your hair to suit the design of your kimono.
  • Tea ceremony tools and ingredients will be available once the tea ceremony starts for your to learn and create your own perfect bowl of matcha.
  • Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets that are best eaten with matcha tea. You’ll be tasting the seasonal treats and experience the unique tastes of Japan!
  • Tea ceremony demonstration and participation. The geisha or maiko will be showing you the steps for the ceremony with an interpreter present.
  • Geisha or Maiko performance. A short, traditional dance will be performed for you after the tea ceremony. Most of the performers at Maikoya are maiko. However, we also have geisha performers on certain days.

geisha kyoto maikoya

Experience the rich culture of Japan!

Kyoto is the traditional home of the geisha and its cultures, and it is the best place to go for performances and traditional arts. The geisha start as maiko and would train for years from a young age to be able to perfect their crafts.

A part of their training is the tea ceremony – a tradition that is typically performed under the cherry blossoms on rare and special occasions.

Maikoya Kyoto preserves this tradition for both locals and travelers to witness and participate in, in addition to a short traditional dance. This event will be held near the Gion-Shijo Station!
maiko dance geisha gion

Regular price

1 ~ 4 people : 90,000 yen / group
5 people+ : 18,000yen / person

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From December 25th to January 10th, all geisha are on New Year holidays. An additional charge of 20,000 JPY is required for reservations during this period. After booking, we will send you an email about this payment.

We have a unique cancellation policy for geisha events. Cancellation Policy

Geisha Maiko Tea Ceremony Kyoto

As part of their training, the geisha (maiko) in Kyoto learn how to conduct tea ceremony and often hold tea ceremony under sakura trees on special occasions. At KIMONO TEA CEREMONY KYOTO MAIKOYA, we want to preserve the unique geisha culture of Kyoto by holding the geisha tea ceremony sessions for locals and travelers whenever possible. Come and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience before it is sold out. In this workshop, a Maiko will walk you through step by step of the traditional tea ceremony. This is a ritual-like activity where ceremonial tea is prepared and presented to promote well-being, mindfulness, and harmony. It is also called the Way of the Tea. The tea itself is a powdered green tea and is called Matcha.

Just in case if you were wondering:

  • You are allowed to take pictures in the tea ceremony room after the ceremony as well as the other rooms and in front of our unique backdrops
  • You are allowed to sit comfortably on the floor (without sitting on your knees on the tatami mat). We also provide bamboo chairs for those who prefer not to sit on the floor

We are confident that this experience will be your best souvenir from Japan. You can easily make a reservation now by choosing the best date for you.

Geisha Maiko Private Meeting

Kyoto Geisha Maiko Performance

Geisha Show Kyoto
  • The geisha performance lasts around 30 minutes
  • The geisha performance takes place at the traditional Japanese style room.
  • First, the geisha, sometimes apprentice geisha (called maiko), performs her traditional dance in a room.
  • You are allowed to take pictures during the performance
  • After the dance you get to ask geisha questions and you can take a picture with the geisha
  • If time left, you get to play simple traditional games with the geisha (e.g. ozashiki asobi)
  • There are many genuine geisha artifacts and visuals in the building that explain things you may wonder about the mysterious world of a geisha
  • There is an MC hosting the performance who would also explain meaning and symbolism regarding the outfit and dance of the geisha

Maiko Dance Performance Kyoto

What can you expect during your tea ceremony?

You will be given a selection of beautiful kimonos to choose from and our staff will be providing assistance to help you look your best.
We can also provide hairstyling that complements the kimono for ladies.

An interpreter fluent in English will be present during the tea ceremony and will be guiding you together with the geisha or maiko. They will be explaining some background on the history of the tea ceremony and the geisha culture in Japan.

You will be served a traditional Japanese treat called “wagashi” and then learn how to make your own matcha with the given set of tools. We will provide traditional utensils that are used specifically for the tea ceremony.

After you have had your fill, you will be treated to a geisha performance. Most of the time, we will have maiko performances instead as it is part of their training, but both performances are equally mesmerizing!

About Us

Geisha Geiko at Kyoto Maikoya

We own and operate Geisha Experience MAIKOYA. All of our guides speak fluent English and know how to make you feel at ease by always being patient and smiling constantly. We also provide handouts in different languages in case you have limited language skills. By participating in this tour you will have a local “friend” showing you around rather than being dragged to routine places by a stranger.

We know that travelers neither want a history lecture nor a fast facts trivia. They just want to feel like a local and learn the Japanese view of Geisha and Gion and the history. Our guests also often ask us about the souvenir shops, restrooms, hidden gems, transportation to their next stop and local favorite restaurants. So we prepared the perfect package tour with the best price that will make your trip to Japan extra rewarding.

If you are having difficulties or questions, contact us at


How long does the geisha tea ceremony and performance last?

This package lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Is there a kimono included?

Yes, a kimono will be provided before the workshop and be worn throughout the whole session. Our staff will be happy to assist you in putting it on and styling the ladies’ hair.

Can I wear a kimono if I’m pregnant?

We will not require you to wear a kimono if it is uncomfortable for you. If you are in your first or second trimester, you can still choose to wear it.

Do you have plus-sized kimonos?

Yes! Our kimonos are meant to fit a variety of sizes. You can also contact us if you would like to make sure of an available fit.

Can I walk outside while wearing my kimono?

Yes! You can extend your kimono rental up to 6 PM for a small additional fee.

Can I buy a kimono from Maikoya?

Although our kimonos are purely for rental purposes, we can recommend local shops that sell a variety of kimonos from secondhand and brand new kimonos to yukatas, samues, and hakamas.

Do you have a souvenir shop?

Yes. We provide matcha tea, tea ceremony sets, calligraphy sets, and much more available.

Do I need to book in advance?

We recommend booking with us in advance so you don’t have to wait in line, especially during peak seasons in early April and mid-November. This is also cheaper and more convenient.

Do you accept walk-ins?

 Our geisha tea ceremony and performance package is only available upon booking. Make sure you book with us in advance especially if you’re visiting during peak season!

How old are the children who can join?

Children under 6 can not enter the tea ceremony venue. If you have a child under 6 in your party, you can not make the reservation for this experience.

Are wagashi vegan/vegetarian, halal, or kosher?

The wagashi served at our tea ceremonies are vegan and vegetarian-friendly! The plant-based treats are also halal and kosher. We highly recommend letting us know if you have any preferences or diets anyway just to make sure.

Do I have to sit on the floor?

We also provide desks and chairs upon request if it’s more comfortable for you!

Do you accept groups?

Yes! This package requires a minimum of two participants. If your group has six or more, you can also avail of a discount.

Can I take videos of the performance?

Media appearance for geisha and maiko are strictly controlled in Kyoto so we would advise against filming the whole performance and ceremony. However, you are more than welcome to take videos of yourself and the geisha after the performance. Make sure to ask for consent!

Can I take pictures during the ceremony?

Please refrain from using your phone or camera during the performance and the ceremony as it might affect your experience. Our staff will be happy to take the pictures for you! You are also welcome to take pictures with the geisha or maiko after your event.


Sointex Jambis
Sointex Jambis
06:52 05 Mar 20
Wonderful service. Perfect for anyone, including Japanese. Just opened in December 2019. You can meet with a geisha and... ask questions. Great more
Allira Mahon
Allira Mahon
07:01 25 Feb 20
Enjoyed the Geisha tea ceremony! After being dressed in a Kimono, I was escorted to the venue. Our host and... interpreters were amazing. Explained all the reasons behind the spiritual aspects of the ceremony, and after the Maiko did her dance we were able to ask lots of questions. If you want a beautiful authentic experience, please give this a try!read more
Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson
06:59 15 Feb 20
Amazing experience with our private tea ceremony. The staff made us feel welcome from the start and gave a lovely talk... about each of the items on display. Really a great afternoon and can really more
Tiffany Mazeau
Tiffany Mazeau
06:54 11 Feb 20
Awesome experience, you can ask a lot of questions and learn so much! The tea ceremony is very enjoyable too and you... can take pictures of the whole process. The maiko was very beautiful and kind, she answered to all of our questions, we really enjoyed our time here. Thank you again!read more
Emily McDonnell
Emily McDonnell
03:27 28 Jan 20
It's repeated over and over in the reviews but this really is a once in a lifetime experience. To be able to experience... a traditional dance and tea ceremony is outstanding but to recieve it from a real Maiko is just inexplicable. The staff could not have been more lovely and accommodating. Will absolutely be coming back next time I'm in more
Sascha Krebs
Sascha Krebs
02:26 20 Jan 20
One of the most amazing and wonderful experiences we had during our stay in Kyoto. The whole staff was really wonderful... and helpful, we were able to ask all the questions you want to ask a Maiko. The tea ceremony was beautiful. We got to wear Kimonos and after all that we had a great walking tour through the Gion district where we also learned so many things by two members of the Kyoto Geisha Show staff. Thank you again for all your help and the wonderful afternoon we had at your lovely place!read more
08:11 19 Jan 20
I’ve done tea ceremonies before but they have never been like this one. They were able to accommodate a big group (19... people) and we got to ask the Maiko-san questions and and take pictures. The women that dressed us were kind and very knowledgeable. Highly more
Janki Patel
Janki Patel
08:09 19 Jan 20
This is a must do experience in Kyoto! All the ladies are so nice and welcoming. They even got our group a Maiko to... perform the ceremony. Overall amazing experienceread more
Taylor Espinola
Taylor Espinola
07:59 19 Jan 20
What a wonderful experience! I loved every second and it was very interactive. We were a very large group and they were... so professional and accommodatingread more
nairi nabi
nairi nabi
07:59 19 Jan 20
Such an incredible experience! A must for anyone visiting Kyoto. The women that work here are so knowledgeable,... hospitable and sweet. Genuinely a pleasant and once in a lifetime experience! I highly recommend it!!!read more
Shankar Radhakrishnan
Shankar Radhakrishnan
10:28 29 Nov 19
We had a great tea ceremony experience at this place. We enjoyed the detailed explanation and relaxed atmosphere. ... Definitely worth the experienceread more
Karina Didenko
Karina Didenko
06:12 12 Nov 19
This experience is one in a life time, so I definitely recommend it to everyone! It's quite engaging and informative at... the same time as first of all you're watching Maiko traditional seasonal dance, after what she shows you how to make a proper green tea and gives you to experience it yourself. The last memorable moment is a question and answer time. Everything what you're interested in about maiko you can ask her personally and receive an answer! Moreover, staff is very friendly, helping, and everyone takes good pictures of you!read more
lourosexx .
lourosexx .
05:33 06 Nov 19
Amazing experience and not to be missed! Staff are lovely and tea ceremony was a once in a lifetime! We even got to see... a traditional danceread more
Lisa Thurston
Lisa Thurston
07:36 01 Nov 19
5 Star experience, must do in Kyoto! Our host Nana was amazing and very knowledgable. The sweet making was really fun... and Nana showed us different techniques to make different designs. The Tea Ceremony was so insightful, we feel we learned a lot about the tea and Japanese culture and we were so lucky to also meet a beautiful Geisha. We would recommend this to anyone!read more
Nazi Yazdi
Nazi Yazdi
05:25 01 Nov 19
I loved the experience I have had today. Every thing was beautiful and my group and I enjoyed the beautiful ceremony... lovely kind staff who helpe us get ready and very nice lady who performed tea ceremony and the beautiful geisha. Thank you so very more
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