Samurai Experience in Kyoto

Samurai and Kyoto have always been associated throughout history. From the early Heian period to the collapse of the Tokugawa shogunate the samurai and ninja always roamed the streets of Kyoto. Now they are back! The samurai and ninja museum brings back the history and helps you to have a glimpse of these heroes’ glorious lives. What is more, you can have a hands on experience including wearing a samurai armor, doing a shuriken (ninja star) throw and using a ninja blowgun all in one place.

Samurai Experience in Kyoto
samurai sword cutting experience

samurai sword cutting experience

Samurai test-cutting tameshigiri experience in Kyoto (Tameshigiri). Use a real samurai sword and feel like a samurai.

You will be wearing a hakama or samurai armor (only available at the samurai and ninja museum) and use a real samurai sword to cut tatami mats.

  • Use a real samurai sword
  • Short sword lesson and sword practice included
  • Dress up like a samurai (you will put on a traditional hakama like a samurai)
  • Chop the tatami mat
  • Free tour of the samurai and ninja museum included
  • Ninja experience included
  • Convenient location in the Downtown area right by the Nishiki Market
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samurai training for adults

samurai training for adults

You will wear a traditional samurai outfit (hakama) and learn basic sword skills as part of an introductory IADO training. and This activity takes place inside the Kyoto Samurai & Ninja museum (#1 museum in Kyoto) and it includes

  • Samurai history tour in English at the Kyoto - Samurai and Ninja Museum
  • Samurai armor trial
  • Samurai sword lesson by wearing a traditional samurai hakama
  • Ninja star throw experience
  • Ninja blowgun experience

Just in case you are wondering, the Kyoto sword lesson consists of the master’s instructions on

  • how to properly stand like a samurai
  • how to properly draw a katana like a samurai
  • How to properly hold the katana like a samurai
  • How to properly slash
  • How to properly put your sword back into the sheath
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samurai training for families

samurai training for families

You will put on the traditional samurai outfit and wield a katana just like a real samurai. This is the only samurai sword experience in Kyoto where you would feel like a real samurai and have a real hands on sword experience different from some simple costume play. The lesson includes hakama wearing, free tour of the Samurai and Ninja Museum, wearing samurai armor and samurai helmet and posing in front of several samurai-theme backgrounds.The Kyoto sword fighting lesson is offered everyday (except Tuesday) at the Samurai and Ninja Museum of Japan Kyoto.

  • A hands on lesson about how to use the samurai sword. - How to have an appropritate posture, how to attack and how to wield a katana
  • Wearing a Hakama, traditional Japanese outfit
  • A tour of Samurai and Ninja Museum of Japan Kyoto
  • Wearing a samurai outfit and samurai helmet
  • Samurai armor trial and posing with swords in front of a studio or samurai-themed backgrounds
  • Ninja weapons trial
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