PRIVATE Cooking Experience with Visit to a Local Gourmet Grocery Osaka

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People who enjoy fresh food traditionally prepared in Japanese style need to schedule a trip to Osaka. The city is known as the culinary capital of Japan. Visit Osaka, and you will understand how it acquired the nickname. The Maikoya Osaka offers unique traditional Japanese activities and events at the cultural center. The events associated with food are extremely popular. You can join a class to visit a local gourmet grocery. An experienced cook will accompany your group and guide you through an Osaka grocery shopping experience. The instructor will explain Japanese customs and culture related to selecting groceries, and what foods are best served together. You will also have the chance to purchase items for yourself. The gourmet grocery experience is available through Maikoya Osaka. Plan your visit to the cultural center today.


  •    Go grocery shopping in Osaka with an expert cook.
  •    Learn the history of Japanese cooking.
  •    Discover techniques used in traditional cooking.
  •    Enjoy an authentic Japanese experience.


Cooking Experience after Visit to a Local Gourmet Grocery


After your unique shopping experience in a gourmet grocery, you will return to Maikoya Osaka. The cooking class will be taught in a traditional Japanese kitchen by an experienced cook. You will discover the history behind the foods purchased and the meals that they would make. Also, the instructors will discuss techniques and tips when making traditional dishes. The teacher will demonstrate the proper use of Japanese cookware and utensils. You will also discover the properties of sauces and spices used in Japanese cooking. The instructor will explain how to cook each course. You will sample the dishes cooked, and learn how to make them when at home. There are many opportunities to experience authentic Japanese activities at the Maikoya Osaka. Visit the cultural center to discover the real Japan.


  •    Shop for food in a Japanese gourmet grocery.
  •    A professional cook will accompany your group.
  •    Learn what foods make up traditional dishes.
  •    Discover the basics of Japanese cooking.

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