PRIVATE Japan Tour Sites Anime (from Osaka)

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¥25000 / person
¥22500 / person   (+ tax)
Another 10% OFF for 10 or more people

This is a private tour

There are many hidden spots of anime in Osaka. This tour will show you places only known by locals. This is a great tour to see and visit Osaka Den Den Town, Nipponbashi and ATC in one day. This tour is ideal for anime and manga lovers.

You will use public transportation or taxi/tour bus.

Japan Tour Sites Anime – Itinerary
-Osaka Den Den Town
-Osaka Nippon Bashi
-ATC Osaka (Sundays only)


Maikoya Tours are available on a daily basis.
Maikoya tours are guided by government licenced and certificated tour guides in Osaka.
Maikoya Tours usually departs from Maikoya Osaka at 10am in the morning.
Maikoya Tours usually returns to Maikoya Osaka at 6pm in the evening
Maikoya Tours had an additional cost of ¥400000 if a private van is needed. Osaka Tours had an additional cost of ¥900000 if a tour bus is needed.
Maikoya Tours can be adjusted based on your specific needs and desires.
Maikoya Tours participants are allowed to keep their belongings at Maikoya Osaka (Depends on the group size)
Maikoya tour itineraries may slighly change based on the weather and season.
Maikoya Tours also provides tours without tour guides.

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