Japan Virtual Team Building Package: Zen Meditation , Bamboo Forest Walking Tour and Tea Ceremony

This is the most popular online team building service we provide virtually. The package starts with a live interactive Bamboo Forest walking tour led by a college professor followed by a 15-minute relaxing meditation session and ends with a calming tea ceremony experience. Since this activity combines the best parts of our most popular virtual experiences, all the participants enjoy every moment of it.
The cost is 30,000 JPY REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS. Please just put "15" as the number of participants. The cost DOES NOT change even if you have 1000 participants.
Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Maikoya is the largest team building company in Japan that already served many Fortune 500 companies including Google, Uber, Unilever, ExxonMobile and also many other MNCs and Japanese corporations. What sets Maikoya apart is we adjust each event based on the preferences of our guests without any additional cost and we are aware that one size fits all approach is not ideal when it comes to online team building experiences.

Team Building & Group Bonding Activities Maikoya Team Building & Group Bonding Activities Maikoya

Live Bamboo Forest Walking Tour

This experience starts with a live interactive bamboo Forest tour led by a college professor. Your team members will feel like as if they are walking on the streets of Kyoto, traveling tens of thousands of miles away...

  • This is an interactive live virtual tour led by a professional tour guide that lasts around 20 minutes.
  • The tour guide will explain the history of the picturesque Bamboo Forest.
  • The tour guide will also inform you about the connection between nature, zen and culture, preparing for the zen meditation session. You will feel like you are walking in Kyoto.
Woman walking along a path lined with tall bamboo trees, Arashiyama Woman walking along a path lined with tall bamboo trees, Arashiyama

Zen Meditation Session

After the immersive bamboo Forest tour that inspires your curiosity you will then experience the world famous zen meditation, favorite of most of our guests...

  • This is an online meditation experience that lasts around 15 minutes.
  • You will learn the correct posture and sitting style of zen meditation in addition to effective breathing techniques.
  • The session starts with 5 minute breathing exercise followed by 5-minute singing bowl exercise and then finishes with the full body scan meditation.
  • Participants feel relaxed, calm and refreshed after the activity.
Online Zen Mediation Kyoto Japan Maikoya Online Zen Mediation Kyoto Japan Maikoya

Tea ceremony

Now it is time to calm down more but also discover an ancient tradition. Our guests are thrilled that they not only watch the demonstration but also get to experience a hands on cultural activity they will remember forever...

  • This is an online tea ceremony experience that lasts around 15-20 minutes.
  • The session starts with the story of tea ceremony and how it relates to mindfulness
  • The host demonstrates the traditional way of preparing and drinking green tea
  • Guests have an option to just watch or also join the activity online. They are not required to, though they can, bring a traditional tea whisk and matcha powder. All they need to bring is a tea bag, a piece of sweets or cookie and a small size bowl along with some warm water. We clarify the procedures once you reserve the event.
Online Tea Ceremony Virtual Tea Class Online Tea Ceremony Virtual Tea Class

Your team members will appreciate this unique opportunity to virtually travel to the ancient capital of Japan and get a hands on experience of calming tea ceremony. We have served so many team all around the world and we are looking forward to serving your team as well.