PRIVATE Sake Tasting in Osaka

Enjoy sake in Osaka. We pride ourselves on providing authentic Japanese cultural experiences to tourists and residents alike. You will taste 3 kinds of Japanese sake and some nibbles selected from all over Japan. You will know the flavor depth and difference of sake.


  • Try a diverse range of ingredients and flavors unique to Japan
  • A friendly host will explain and demonstrate correct cooking techniques
  • Held in a Japanese style traditional room
  • Opportunities for taking photographs will be highlighted throughout
  • Special experience to learn about Japanese sake

Sake is made by fermenting rice in large vats and distilling it into a clear, alcoholic beverage, and there are small, local breweries all over Japan. As with beer microbreweries in the West, the local people of towns where sake breweries exist are very proud of their local products.

When you’re in Osaka, you really must take part in a sake tasting event in order to fully complete your visit to the nation's food capital. You will not only sample many of Japan’s most well-known sake brands but also learn from the staff about the rich history of sake brewing in Japan, and what makes each type of sake special.

You will experience:

a) Three kinds of Japanese sake

b) Nibbles match sake

and have lots of fun!

You can taste more than 3 kinds of sake with additional cost.

Here are just a few of the sake brands you will be able to sample:

Koshino Kanbai - Niigata Prefecture

Michisakari - Gifu Prefecture

Senchu Hassaku - Kochi Prefecture

Born Tsuya - Fukui Prefecture

Futaho - Nara Prefecture

Sake is best enjoyed with some food. We will have a light meal that consists of 3 small dishes of pickles and the beef.

Do the sake tasting in the summer and have a nice taste of sake to make you forget about the outside heat. Or if you come during the winter months, our selection of hot sake will be sure to warm your body and spirits. A great opportunity to learn more about the drinking culture of Japan and enjoy the many tastes of sake with your friends.

Under 20 years old can not apply.

Adult pricing applies to all travelers

*** Please let us know if you have any food allergies, Halal, vegan or vegetarian preferences.

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Sake Tasting
Sake Tasting


  • Three tasting cup of Japanese sake
  • Snacks or nibbles
  • Water

Not Included

  • Transportation
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

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