Kaiseki Osaka, Kaiseki Ryori Meal (Lunch) in Osaka

Kaiseki Meal in Osaka
Kaiseki (Japanese style lunch) has been added to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list of UNESCO. It is the perfect epitome of Japanese culture where seasons, perfectionism, purity, minimalism, and respect for the guest are beautifully represented at a meal. The meals are prepared by famous local chefs of Taikoen Osaka. The menu slightly changes based on the season but freshness, Japanese style presentation and attention to detail are always kept. By experiencing the unique kaiseki meal you will not only enjoy probably the best meal of your life but also come to a deep realization of the calming effects of a traditional kaiseki meal room. The pictures below give you an idea of what is awaiting you for an affordable price.
We recommend reserving in advance especially during the peak season. Sorry, no same-day reservations.
Menu (8~14 dishes)
Appetizers (sakizuke)
Seasonal pickles (konomono)
Japanese soup (futamono)
Fried shitake mushrooms (tempura)
Sliced tuna and salmon (sashimi, mukozuke)
Wagyu Japanese beef
Japanese sweets (wagashi)
What is Kaiseki Meal?
It is the most typical Japanese meal where 5 different types of cooking (raw, simmered, fried, grilled, boiled), 5 different tastes (salty, sour, bitter, sweet, savory) and 5 different colors (white, brown, red, yellow, green) are gorgeously presented on Japanese traditional Japanese plates.
Kaiseki OsakaKaiseki Osaka  Kaiseki OsakaKaiseki Osaka Kaiseki Osaka
Kaiseki Osaka
The Venue : Taikoen Osaka
Taikoen was built by the prestigious Baron Fujita family in 1910 by preserving the most traditional Japanese architectural elements as an artistic guest house. Taikoen has perhaps the most picturesque Japanese garden in Osaka and hosted many celebrities and dignitaries in the past. In 2008 the the world finance ministers' meeting was held at this venue. You will be served like a royal family in this elite venue and for sure remember this experience forever.
Kaiseki Osaka
taikoen Osaka
Taikoen Osaka
Kaiseki Osaka
Kaiseki Osaka
Note: Please let us know if you have halal, vegetarian, kosher or gluten-free preferences. For those who can't eat Japanese food and also for kids we may be able to provide practical side dishes such as the fried rice and eggs shown in the picture.

osaka kaiseki for kids Osaka kaiseki plus dish for kids


  • Traditional Japanese Kaiseki meal
  • Traditional Japanse setting

Not Included

  • Transportation