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  • We are Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya located near the Gion Shijo Station (our location)
  • We are the only traditional kimono venue in Kyoto with Tripadvisor’s Best Traveler’s Choice Award
  • We are the only cultural experience provider in Kyoto with teahouses in Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka
  • Everything is included in the price (no gimmicks, no extra charge for any add on (e.g. hairdo, sandals, bag, etc.)
  • Our venue is right next to the Gion Shijo train Station, which means, the historic Gion area is a walking distance and you can go to Arashiyama bamboo forest and Fushimi Inari in less than 30 minutes.
  • We also have many instagram-worthy backdrops you will love.

Kimono is a beautiful item of traditional clothing, and is immediately associated with Japan. When you’re in Kyoto, do yourself the favor of wearing a real kimono. If it is your first time, you may be confused and you may not know how to chose. We have the perfect standard plan with no hidden fees and no extra add ons.We also have 2 great locations in the downtown area: one in Gion and another one is in Kawaramachi both next to the main train stations.

Our perfect value set the full memorable plan includes

  • Kimono wearing (hundreds of different styles to choose from)
  • Hairstyling
  • Kanzashi and hairpins
  • Special socks
  • Inner wear
  • Geta sandals
  • Traditional handbag
  • 8 hours of kimono rental (Until 6 pm. If you wish to wear the Kimono much longer, you need to make a reservation earlier such as at 10:30 am.)
  • Explanations of kimono and kimono traditions in English

Wearing a kimono is a great way to gain an understanding of how it feels to dress in authentic Japanese clothing. Don’t worry about how difficult the process of putting on a kimono is because an expert will be helping you all the way. As you’re getting dressed, feel free to ask questions to learn more about the history of the kimono and how it has evolved over time. Or ask about each item to find out what it’s called and how it functions to make the kimono look the way it does. You can also learn some of the occasions for wearing kimono, and the different types of kimono that people wear. And if you so desire, the staff will apply style your hair in a way fitting of any kimono you choose to wear.

You’ll find everything you need here; various types of kimono from different periods of Japanese history, as well as accessories such as appropriate footwear and purses, will make your look complete. There’s an assortment of items for men, women, and children, so you’re certain to find something that you’ll love. And don’t worry about your belongings because there are lockers you can use to keep your personal items secure. If you would like to see how you look in traditional Japanese attire, heritage house is the place to visit. This is a wonderful and memorable opportunity for you and your whole family. Come and find out what it’s like to dress up in a traditional Japanese kimono!

You can rent the most popular designs at this convenient location and then take a picture in front of dozens of different kinds of backdrops at Maikoya. There are large size kimonos, kimonos for men and kimono for young kids. Also the location is very convenient so you don’t have to worry about returning your kimono to a far place.

You can freely stroll the historic streets of Kyoto and if you don’t want to walk outside you can take beautiful pictures in front of our lovely backdrops shown below. Our English-speaking friendly staff are waiting to serve you!We will teach you the most picturesque spots in Kyoto and we will teach you how to conveniently get to those places.

Kimono Rental Kyoto

kimono rental photo

kimono rental photo


Kimono rental Kimono rental  Kimono rental

Kimono rental



  • Included
    hair accessories
    hairstyling (simple style)
  • Not Included
    Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Maps
  • Organizer

    Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya Kyoto

    Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya is a leading cultural experience provider in Japan and the only tea ceremony experience that has received TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020.
    Maikoya Kyoto is found in a historic machiya townhouse in the heart of the Gion District, where the rich culture of Japan is most concentrated.
    Learning about the traditions and practices of the country through our immersive cultural workshops and activities will surely give you a new perspective about the intricacies of the history and society in Japan.
    Join us at Maikoya Kyoto as we guide you through Japan's traditional arts and history! Our friendly staff and hosts are fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese and will make sure you have the best experiences and opportunities.

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