Kyoto family friendly food tour - Pontocho and Gion area


* 4 hours with local tour guide

* Walking through the famous Pontocho and Gion Shirakawa districts

* The day tour will go to ramen and sweet restaurants.

* The night tour will go to Izakaya (After 6PM)

* Minimum of 2 people

* Offered in : English / Chinese

* Food and drinks fee are not included

Gion Shirakawa at night Gion Shirakawa at night


( Food and drinks are not included, so you have the freedom to pick whatever you like. Explore tour guide can also make great recommendation. )

Pontocho is one of the most popular dining areas in Kyoto. The narrow alley is next to Kamogawa river, at the end of the street there is a geisha and maiko performance theater.

Gion includes Hanamikoji, Shirakawa, Yasaka Shrine, and the Tatsumi bridge. Pontocho and Gion are Kyoto’s most charming and historical areas, filled with old style architecture. Walking through those fantastic areas to discover tea houses, restaurants, and charming sights to see around every corner.

The two areas are often referred to as the “Flower Districts”. If you are lucky, you may meet maiko and geisha on the street.

Gion Walking Tour with Guide Gion Walking Tour with Guide

View from Gion Shirakawa Bridge View from Gion Shirakawa Bridge

Kyoto food-tour Kyoto food-tour

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