Local Craft Beer Tasting Experience in Osaka

A visit to Maikoya Osaka provides many authentic Japanese experiences, and that includes sampling food and beverages. Japan is known for the numerous varieties of sake, but the country also produces excellent craft beer. Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country. Tourists and residents alike visit the Maikoya Osaka to sample the authentic craft beer in a traditional Japanese style kitchen. The experience begins with an expert explaining the brewing process and facts about Japanese beer. Then you will have the chance to try three different types of craft beer from local breweries. There will be three bottles of thirst quenching craft beer for two people. Japanese beer is a taste sensation for tourists and residents alike. Like all foods and beverages offered in Japan, the craft beer is made with the constants of freshness and local ingredients. Most of the beer is pale in color with the body and flavor of lagers and an alcohol content of five percent. The three beers available for sampling are WIP-A from Minoh Beer, Kura Kolsch from Kuninocho Beer, and Osaka Kolsch from Dotonbori Beer. You and a friend or family member can share the share the taste testing, but please remember in Japan 20 is the legal age limit for drinking alcoholic beverages. The Maikoya Osaka is a place to experience many authentic Japanese traditions. Make sure to sample the local craft beers before you leave. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to enjoy genuine Japanese craft beer.
  •    Learn about craft beers and the breweries that make them.
  •    Sample three different craft beers at the Maikoya Osaka
  •    Enjoy beer tasting in a traditional Japanese style kitchen.
  •    Remember the event with photos.


  • 3 bottles of beer