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Online Tea Ceremony by Maikoya

Join us in an authentic virtual tea ceremony from a traditional tatami tea room in Kyoto and learn everything about tea! Despite the travel restrictions, you can still interact with an expert Japanese tea master with the help of Zoom and immerse yourself in culture, arts, and Zen.

Online Tea Ceremony Virtual Tea Class

Online Tea Ceremony Virtual Tea Class

Whatever your level of experience with the tea ceremony, you can enjoy this virtual course, gain insights into perfect tea making and uncover hidden meanings in this ancient tradition with our expert instructor.

We know how hard it may be for you to travel during these times, and we’re here to step up. Book now to reserve your online course with us!

An Authentic Virtual Tea Ceremony

Through ZOOM, escape from the dullness of your daily routine for around 45 minutes to our online tea ceremony.

It all unfolds as our kimono-clad teacher greets you from our traditional tearoom, just like a face-to-face tea ceremony. You will find yourself admiring the simple and elegant Japanese interiors of the room, along with the harmonious blend of decor and accessories that will complement your experience with us.

Relax, enjoy and take on this unforgettable experience. This opportunity is sure to be enjoyable for lovers of matcha green tea and Japanese culture! There is simply no better way for you to experience the essence of Japanese traditions.

Online Japanese Tea Ceremony Virtual Class in Kyoto


The package includes:

(each lasting around 10 mins.)

  1. Explanation of the tea ceremony tradition and concepts
  2. Demonstration of the traditional tea ceremony
  3. Practice how to hold and drink from the tea bowl
  4. Q&A


How to Book an Online Tea Ceremony

Online Tea Ceremony Lesson in Kyoto, Japan
  • Step 1: Book your reservation on this page! We will send you a confirmation email within the day.
  • Step 2: We will email you a link to the online video call 24 hours prior to your meeting. Just click on the link at your reserved time slot and enjoy the experience!
  • Or send us an email at info@mai-ko.com with the title: Online Reservation. We get back to you within 12 hours.

The online session is a flat rate from 1 to 29 people. Please enter 1 for the number of people on the reservation form. If you would like to participate with more than 30 people, please contact us by email. info@mai-ko.com

* Please always reserve at least 24 hours in advance.
* Feel free to share the zoom link with immediate friends and family but not publicly.
* We ask for your cooperation to avoid recording the zoom session in full.
(Partial recording is acceptable.)


Reserving Your Japanese Tea Ceremony Online

Reservable time slots are in Japanese Standard Time.

Please use thetimezoneconverter.com to work out the best time for your location. 

Please join the meeting using a device with a video camera and microphone
(iPhone, MacBook, Airbook, webcam, etc.).


1-29 people: ¥14,000 / group (tax excluded)
30+: ¥480 / person (tax excluded)

If you are having difficulties or questions about your booking, contact us at info@mai-ko.com

Just one click away – reserve this lovely experience as early as tomorrow!

Recommended Tools and Ingredients for Participants (OPTIONAL)

There are a few tools and materials needed for your tea ceremony, but you are not required to prepare specific items. We are flexible and can work with anything you have available!

The teacher will make all arrangements accordingly.

  • A tea bowl. Or, if you have no tea bowl available, simply use a bowl from your kitchen, 8-20 cm in diameter (any medium-sized bowl is OK)
  • Hot water in a thermos flask or container.
  • Matcha powder OR any teabag – including regular teabags.
  • A sweet snack like a dessert or cookie on a small plate.
  • A clean handkerchief.


Experience Japanese culture with Maikoya!

  • Maikoya was one of the pioneering institutions in Japan to provide online cultural experiences that have attracted media coverage
  • Maikoya is the largest experience provider of its kind in Japan, with branches in three major cities and catering to over 100,000 guests
  • Maikoya is the ONLY three-time consecutive TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice winner in its category in Japan
  • Maikoya is the only traditional tea ceremony venue in Japan to have earned over 2500 five-star reviews on Google and other platforms

User Voice

“I was given a tea ceremony experience from Kyoto Maikoya as a gift from a friend in August. As someone who has been fascinated by the traditional Japanese arts and ways for all of my adult life, I found it a most authentic experience, even though I was in Australia and we participated via zoom.  The tea master was gracious and generous, ensuring that I understood the significance of each step of the ceremony.  Though her English was most understandable, a translator was handy if required. The tea room was beautifully appointed and I felt welcomed into that space even though it was a virtual encounter. A very satisfying experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Kyoto Maikoya.”

M. Johnson, MD Victoria, Australia


User Voice

“Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya was an extraordinary and unique experience in which our guests were exposed to the cultural background and significance of the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. They welcomed us in a very warm and personalized tea room where every person in the room was participating with us virtually. The tea garden was a beautiful tour as well. For English speakers unfamiliar with this experience, fret not because they make you feel so comfortable and even teach you some Japanese! The only thing we yearned for while attending this event was to be there in person. Highly recommended! ”

Erika M., Product Marketing Managers Team at Google

Take a Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Class

We have an easy-to-follow course on authentic traditional tea ceremonies over ten weeks at our Online Tea Ceremony 10 Lesson Pack for beginners and students of all levels and backgrounds. This virtual class will give you a deeper understanding of the Japanese cultures and traditions surrounding the tea ceremony with an expert instructor.

You can reserve and schedule your class here or send us an email at info@mai-ko.com.

Get started as early as tomorrow on your tea ceremony classes!

Online Tea Ceremony for team building

Team-building through our tea ceremony has already proved to be a game-changer for many multinational companies like Uber, Unilever, Gucci, ExxonMobil, Google, and many more.

Bring your colleagues, groups, or teams along for a relaxing and enjoyable journey of discovery of the Japanese tea ceremony and culture. This is the best opportunity to get to know new members of your company and teams! This is a ZOOM session no one will want to miss.

Our online tea ceremony can cater to a number of clients, including university student classes and faculty, company staff teams, groups, and many more.

With us, you can collectively embrace a virtual and visual feast! Our kimono-clad instructor will show you how to make the perfect bowl of matcha green tea and shed light on this well-preserved and treasured practice.

If you have any questions, just send us an email at info@mai-ko.com with the subject: Online Reservation. We will get back to you within 12 hours.

Maikoya is the only culture-focused team-building company in Japan that served thousands of guests worldwide, including household-name companies like Uber, Unilever, Gucci, ExxonMobile, Google, and more! We also offer Japanese team-building events in Tokyo for organizations interested in unique team bonding activities either online or offline.

Maikoya is also the largest cultural experience provider in Japan with 4 physical locations including a full-fledged museum. We treasure your experience with us in Japan, and online! We will prepare according to what you need for your best time in our care, so you can enjoy and relax for your uniquely Japanese team-building and teamwork activities! We are sure that what we offer will be popular and delightful to everyone on the team.


Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony is a centuries-old practice composed of elements throughout the country’s history. The ritual ceremony has contributed greatly to the shaping of Japan’s modern society all the way back to the shogunate from 300 years ago and beyond the Edo Period.

The tea ceremony is composed of a choreographed set of steps in the preparation and presentation of matcha tea from the hosts to the guests. Depending on the experience of the guests and the host, there are a number of manners and etiquette to be followed, although most modern ceremonies are not strict.

The tea ceremony is not unique to Japan. China and Korea have a variation of the Japanese Chanoyu, all influenced by Zen Buddhism. What sets apart the Japanese version, however, is the refinement by Sen no Rikyu, the father of the modern tea ceremony in Japan.

The main purpose of the tea ceremony is to prepare and offer a delicious bowl of matcha, while at the same time creating a calming and aesthetically pleasing environment to enjoy the tea in.

About Maikoya

Maikoya is a leading cultural experience provider in Japan, with a constant spot in TripAdvisor’s list for Japan’s Top Experiences for three consecutive years. There are three main branches located in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka that provide the same quality experience in traditional tea ceremonies, tours, workshops, and many more!

Our tea ceremonies are one of the best experiences you will have in Japan–and now you can have one anywhere with our Online Tea Ceremony! You don’t have to travel when you can book your virtual experiences with us online.

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Online Tea Ceremony Virtual Tea Class

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Tea: the world’s favorite drink. Nobody celebrates this beverage more artistically and beautifully than the Japanese.
Gaining an insight into the centuries-old tea-drinking culture so intrinsic to their life remains a must-try experience.


Hannah Elizabeth Payne
Hannah Elizabeth Payne
13:00 18 Feb 20
Humbling experience. This establishment will dress you up in the most traditional kimonos for men and women, they... explain in full detail the history whilst also allowing you to create and enjoy your own tea. The treats are the best I have had since coming to Japan on my holiday. Would highly recommend for couples to do together as a sweet date.read more
Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor
11:01 07 Feb 20
Both a fun and a meaningful experience.The staff are all so friendly you feel at home the minute you walk in the... door. They have several options. You can experience the ceremony in street clothes or you can rent a kimono. You can have a private ceremony or join a small group and make friends.You are lead into a traditional Japanese tea room. You do not have to sit on the floor. They will gladly provide at stool, so do not be afraid to ask. In front of you will be a large cup for the matcha tea. There will also be two small sweets. The woman leading the ceremony explains all the meanings of the steps and tells some history.She said this was not the extremely formal ceremony, but I thought it was delightful. There are plenty of opportunities for photos, but no videos.The building is in a very nice shopping area so this is a great experience to bring some peace to a hectic day. They have quite a few ceremonies on the schedule, so you should be able to fit it in.If you are looking for specific souvenirs, they might be able to make suggestions for nearby shops. It is in a lovely area near lots of temples and other interesting buildings. Have fun!read more
K. Laws
K. Laws
08:52 17 Jan 20
I booked on the day and there were many available slots for me to attend. The whole experience with Yuri, our tea... hostess, was amazing. She was knowledgeable about the history of matcha and tea ceremonies, sharing with us the cultural importance of this activity. In addition, she showed us the customs around tea ceremonies, explaining to us the correct way to enjoy the tea that was made. It was overall a wonderful experience and a must in Kyoto.Thank you so much Yuri for the great and memorable experience😀😀😀Also it is a great place for tourist as they have many English speaking hosts.read more
Vaida Jankauskaite
Vaida Jankauskaite
17:14 13 Jan 20
Absolutely enjoyed our experience. The whole tea ceremony is beautiful and meditative. It was just two of us so it felt... very intimate and relaxed. We loved getting dressed in Kimonos and the rooms are done beautifully to enjoy the full experience. Highly recommend.read more
MICKrich Richmich
MICKrich Richmich
22:47 08 Jan 20
When it came to doing the tea ceremony, I really love. It drink tea or like drinks. But, the we loves tea and was so so... happy Me happy lifetime. i booked this tour and arrived lately. i had hired push bikes but i sure what to do with them. The Tea found us some room to store the bikes which was amazing Food. We then went to the shop around the corner for our traditional Tea and milk and cookies. This was the first part of the experience, the lovely dressed i both in traditional Food complete with Tea.The Fish tank was nicely Organized by some Catfish and Melons. So i love Tea. I now understand that Tea is Amazing for Golden brown Tree's and stuff. So now that the Empire are going Tea. I Drink love Hot Tea.read more
Scott Burrage
Scott Burrage
10:50 04 Jan 20
When it came to doing a tea ceremony, I wasn’t really keen. I don’t drink tea or like hot drinks. But, the wife loves... tea and was keen so happy wife happy life. We booked this tour and arrived early. We had hired push bikes but weren’t sure what to do with them. The host found us some room to store the bikes which was amazing. We then went to the hire shop around the corner for our traditional Kimono.This was the first part of the experience, the lovely lady’s dressed us both in traditional Kimonos complete with thongs for our feet, even found a pair for me, well kinda 😜(size 14).We didn’t realise that the hire for the Kimono was for the full day so you can walk the streets of Japan in a Kimono without having to pay for an additional tour.We the. Walked back to the Tea Ceremony for our tea. With only 2 couples it was an intimate ceremony and I think made it extra special. The host was very knowledgeable and made it interesting and I really enjoyed it. I even enjoyed the tea more than I thought. Would definitely recommend this to others.To make the most of the Kimono we then walked to the Samurai Museum.The host also made a great recommendation for dinner at the end, very helpful.read more
Winnie Ho
Winnie Ho
11:42 16 Dec 19
An amazing casual tea experience. The tea master Bear was very kind and welcoming. She kindly offered me a tour of the... geisha museum where i learned a lot of interesting information. I would definitely recommend this place.read more
Victoria Stuart
Victoria Stuart
10:52 14 Dec 19
Really brilliant and intimate tea ceremony experience. We took the group booking + kimonos. End to end we were there... almost two hours and loved every minute. It’s also in a great shopping district !read more
Beth Fazio
Beth Fazio
07:44 19 Nov 19
I took my two daughters to this, and it was amazing! They let us choose beautiful kimonos to wear, we chose a flower... for our hair and they did our hair beautifully! Then we began the ceremony which was very informative and very special. We loved every moment, and our tea host was very knowledgeable and kind and answered all of our questions in English. I cannot recommend it enough!read more
Hen T
Hen T
08:51 26 Oct 19
Very excellent service from the staff. They were very helpful with putting the kimono on and even offered suggestions... for sashes and hair ornaments. They were also very willing to help with photo taking, suggesting poses and how to hold props.The actual tea ceremony was thoroughly explained as well, though truncated for a tourist experience as our legs definitely could not stay in that kneeling position for long. Would recommend to anyone who would want to experience a ceremony.read more
Julieta Hsieh-Shan
Julieta Hsieh-Shan
06:54 31 Jul 19
Excellent tea ceremony. Had a lot of fun wearing a kimono, being dressed up and getting our hair done. Lots of photo... opportunities too! Learned about proper tea ceremony. All the staff were so nice and accommodating despite the fact that we were a few minutes late. Would recommend this ceremony to anyone visiting Kyoto!read more
LaToya B
LaToya B
02:36 23 Jun 19
This was just wonderful. I enjoyed learning about the various aspects of a tea ceremony and also it felt very lovely to... have someone share the traditional fashion of their culture. The atmosphere was very nice and accommodating of foreigners. Kimonos in various sizes. And lessons and communication in English. Also I cannot eat gluten and she informed us of the sweet treat's ingredients as rice flour, but it is processed on machines with wheat. This was very helpful Easy to get to as well. I truly enjoyed it and will recommend this location to friends. Arigatou.read more
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