Tea Ceremony and Kimono for Kids and Families in Tokyo

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Try an authentic Japanese tea ceremony in the heart of Tokyo!

The tea ceremony is a centuries-old tradition celebrated all over East Asia, and a respected ritual in Japan. The Japanese art of the tea ceremony served as an opportunity for the nobility and the samurai to communicate and meet in secret during the Edo Period 300 years ago.

Today, it’s a form of a meditative art form for everyone in the family! Our simplified version of the tea ceremony is the perfect opportunity to teach kids the importance of focus and being mindful of others, along with instilling a deep appreciation for arts and tradition.

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Tea Ceremony and Kimono for Kids and Families

Lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes

Activity inclusions:

  • A traditional kimono 
    • Kimonos for kids and adults will be provided. The staff will be assisting and teaching you how to properly put it on. Girls and ladies will be given a hairstyle suitable for their kimonos.
  • Traditional tools and utensils for the tea ceremony
    • You will be using a tea bowl, whisk, and tea cloth. We will be providing the materials you need.
  • Matcha Tea Powder
    • Along with hot water, you will be using this to make fresh matcha.
  • Orange juice or matcha latte for kids
    • Since matcha tea may be too strong for kids’ tastes, a substitute will be given.
  • Japanese Sweets or wagashi
    • You will be treated to the seasonal sweets!

Please let us know if you have any food-related concerns such as allergies, intolerance, as well as preferences for halal, kosher, or vegan and vegetarian diets.


A modified tea ceremony for kids!

Our tea ceremony and kimono experience for kids is a simplified version of the tradition, made to be more suitable for younger participants.

Although the whole activity lasts for an hour, the tea ceremony itself will only be 20 minutes. You will have plenty of time to take family pictures while everyone wears a kimono!

Since matcha tea can be too strong for kids, we will provide orange juice and matcha latte options to suit their more sensitive palates.

Although the tradition is typically observed while sitting on the tatami, chairs will be provided if you or the kids would prefer otherwise.

This experience is shorter and more affordable than our regular kimono tea ceremony.


Traditional kimonos for the whole family

We provide a variety of sizes and styles for kimonos, suitable for everyone in the family! Kids can also wear other local costumes such as the samurai hakama or the ninja uniform if they prefer.

Kimono for kids and families 3



Please note that this activity requires at least 3 participants including one child to reserve this activity.

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If you’re having difficulties or questions, contact us at info@mai-ko.com

Learn Japanese culture with all of your senses – especially your sense of wonder!


What can you expect during the tea ceremony?

You will be putting on a traditional kimono after choosing from our selection. There are a variety of styles and sizes provided that can fit everyone of all ages. Our friendly staff will be providing assistance so you can look your best!

Girls and ladies in the group will be given extra attention as their hair will be styled and accessorized appropriately to match their kimonos.

The tea ceremony will be held in a traditional Japanese tatami room with historical and cultural designs. The tea ceremony is traditionally performed with the knees on the floor but you and your family can sit comfortably. Chairs will also be provided upon request, should sitting on the floor be deemed uncomfortable.

You will be given a set of tools for the tea ceremony – a whisk, tea bowl, and a plate with a serving of wagashi, a traditional Japanese treat. The wagashi is nut and gluten-free. The treats will be featuring seasonal local flavors that the whole family is sure to enjoy!

If there are any intolerances, allergies, or diet preferences, please let us know.

The host will be demonstrating and guiding the group on how to prepare the matcha tea. Kids are sure to enjoy the hands-on experience of making their own drink! In the case that they do not find the matcha palatable, orange juice or the sweeter matcha latte will be provided instead.

You will be given a short background on the tea ceremony, its significance in Japanese culture, and the steps for preparation.

This activity will be shorter compared to the regular kimono tea ceremony. If you would like to book a full tea ceremony with us, check out PRIVATE Kimono Tea Ceremony in Tokyo!

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11:21 05 Mar 20
We had the most beautiful experience of learning calligraphy and wearing traditional kimonos. The staff are so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this experience to all visitors to Tokyo.read more
Joakim Sundén
Joakim Sundén
08:12 04 Mar 20
Very smooth organization, wide variety of kimonos to choose from. They help you dress, do your hair and make you look beautiful and take pictures with your cameras. The tea ceremony was beautiful and we got to mix our own tea as we were told about the history and the practice of tea ceremony as well as other interesting Japanese culture tidbits.read more
Marsha L
Marsha L
02:54 04 Mar 20
All the ladies there were lovely. Beautiful kimonos for you to choose from, and everything was just sp graceful ❤. You make your own tea, eat traditional Japanese sweets. Love all the photos and just enjoyed the entire experienceread more
Alisa Ediger
Alisa Ediger
05:48 28 Feb 20
The experience was lovely. The ladies there were all very kind and gave clear instructions that made the whole thing go smoothly. The kimonos to choose from were all beautiful and the tea ceremony was a good balance between instructional and experiential. Definitely a good choice if you want to attend a tea ceremony but don’t yet know the proper etiquette.read more
Annie Teri
Annie Teri
14:00 09 Feb 20
Best place to learn about their tea culture. You will get choose your own kimono and take many photos in it. It is worth a visit.Do this if you are free and wish to experience like a japanese.read more
Kathryn Geiger
Kathryn Geiger
04:09 17 Jan 20
Had a great time. The ladies who run the shop are all very friendly. They all spoke English very well so it made it very easy to communicate. Having a kimono put on and having your hair done was fun. The tea ceremony itself was very nice. Your walked though step by step of what goes into a tea ceremony. The matcha tea and sweets are delicious.read more
Chelsea Southe
Chelsea Southe
08:04 04 Jan 20
The three of us has a wonderful experience learning more about this beautiful culture. Our tea master was very knowledgeable and gladly answered any questions we had. It was truly a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!read more
Dan Dexter
Dan Dexter
23:16 01 Dec 19
My wife and I took the course that teaches students to make traditional Japanese sweets and is followed by a tea ceremony. We thought it was a fun way to spend some time during our vacation and were really happy with the experience. It's definitely a fun way to learn about a small piece of Japanese cultural history.read more
Xenia Uth
Xenia Uth
05:54 16 Nov 19
We went to participate in the tea ceremony, and it was absolutely perfect! The staff was so kind, spoke very good English and the kimonos were beautiful! I definitely recommend this place. We also took pictures for about 20-30 minutes afterwards, in a little room they have decorated for this purpose, and the staff was very patient with us! 😍read more
Naomi Bonnici
Naomi Bonnici
11:18 18 Oct 19
Had an absolutely wonderful experience. We experienced the tea ceremony as well as traditional Japanese sweets making. The hosts/tea masters delivered a professional and traditional experience while also staying light hearted and comical enough for touristical enjoyment. Everything is well explained + they are open to all questions. Our host was very conversational and we really felt like she placed our enjoyment as a priority. This is definitely something you can not miss !!!read more
Kristel Topalova
Kristel Topalova
16:04 25 Sep 19
I was the first person ever to take part in a tea ceremony in the Tokyo location. I chose the kimono + tea ceremony option. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!My instructor was so professional and kind. First, she helped me with the choice of kimono and then she put it on me. Another young lady took care of my hair and I totally loved the result.The instructor really explained and demonstrated the respect that the Japanese people show to their guests and the tea. She took her time explaining everything to me and let me ask any kind of questions. After her explanations I was allowed to prepare a tea by myself. The instructor was so sweet and positive that I did not want to leave. She even offered to take pictures of me and with me afterwards :)I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to get a feel for traditions in Japan and an authentic experience. The price is very reasonable and the location is easy to find.read more
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