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Geisha Geiko show Kyoto

Please kindly note that due to heavy demand, we hold kimono tea ceremony experience and meeting with the apprentice geisha (maiko) experiences separately in two different venues which are about 15-minute walking distance apart from each other. You first come to Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya anytime you choose between 9:00 AM and 6:30 PM and experience the traditional tea ceremony without the geisha. You will then go to the Gion area at 7:55 PM to watch an apprentice geisha’s dance performance and talk to her through an interpreter. Your reservation covers for both experiences.

This once-in-a-lifetime activity includes:


  • Traditional Japanese tea ceremony experience 
  • Wearing a beautiful kimono including hairdo (simple style) and hairpins for ladies
  • Drinking matcha green tea
  • Eating wagashi Japanese sweets 
  • Explanation of the connection between zen and tea ceremony and also the meaning of the ritual


  • Watching a dance performance by an apprentice geisha (maiko)
  • Talking with or asking questions to an apprentice geisha (maiko)
  • Your choice of beverage (1 Drink: Juice, Tea or Alcoholic Beverage)
  • Snacks (1 small plate)

How to enjoy this experience

-Step 1: Show up at Kimono tea ceremony MAIKOYA based on your reservation time. Wear a traditional kimono and get your hair done. Perform traditional tea ceremony. This takes about 60 minutes.

-Step 2: Change back to casual clothes. The staff will give you directions to the geisha show venue.

-Step 3: Show up at the geisha show venue at 19:55 and enjoy the show. You can talk to the geisha and pictures are allowed.

#1 The traditional tea ceremony and wearing beautiful kimono

You will make a green tea (Matcha) in an ancient style Japanese tea ceremony room wearing Kimono. In this workshop, a qualified instructor will walk you through step by step of traditional tea ceremony. This is a ritual-like activity where ceremonial tea is prepared and presented to promote physical and mental well-being, mindfulness and harmony. It is also called the Way of the Tea. You will learn the foundations of the zen philosophy: Wa, kei, sei, jaku, which roughly translate as harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. You will observe how your host perfectly and harmoniously use all the traditional utensils to make the perfect cup of tea in way that has been done the same for about 400 years. And, finally, you will make your own tea and enjoy Japanese traditional sweets.

#2 Watch the dance performance by a geisha and talk to her

Japanese people have a word for geisha: “miyabi” which means refined elegance. It requires so much sacrifice and dedication to reach the level of geisha so that even for Kyoto residents being in the presence of a geisha is an utter privilege. While meeting with a geisha in Kyoto has been only possible through a reference from a reliable customer now you have a unique chance to get a glimpse of the mysterious world of geisha. Recently some okiyas (geisha boarding school)  in the geisha neighborhood allow locals and travelers watch a short performance.

The location is in the heart of the historic Hanamikoji Geisha street. You will see many old and traditional buildings nearby and you will feel like traveling back in time to the Edo Period. The venue has a good lighting and a small number of seats for the guests so it will be an intimate encounter and you can watch the apprentice geisha closely. The best part is after watching the performance you can talk to the apprentice geisha with the assistance from an interpreter and take pictures.

The geisha show takes places in the heart of Gion where you can easily spot many other geishas heading to work before the sunset or going to parties. You can also enjoy various kinds food at restaurants nearby. The geisha show venue itself is an old geisha house converted into a machiya style restaurant, so, you are more than welcome to have your dinner at the same place before the show starts by paying extra on the spot.

Tea ceremony, meal in a traditional restaurant and a geisha show. What a lovely day in Kyoto!!!

Learn Japanese culture with all of your senses – especially your sense of wonder!

Just in case if you were wondering:

  • You are allowed to take pictures in the tea ceremony room after the ceremony as well as the other rooms and in front of our unique backdrops
  • You are allowed to sit comfortably on the floor (without sitting on your knees on the tatami mat) during the tea ceremony. We also provide bamboo chairs for those who prefer not to sit on the floor
  • You are allowed to take a picture of the geisha during or after the geisha show.
  • There is an English speaking interpreter who will help you chat with the geisha smoothly.
  • The geisha show takes place in a room of an old town-house style building in Gion.




Sointex Jambis
Sointex Jambis
06:52 05 Mar 20
Wonderful service. Perfect for anyone, including Japanese. Just opened in December 2019. You can meet with a geisha and ask questions. Great more
Allira Mahon
Allira Mahon
07:01 25 Feb 20
Enjoyed the Geisha tea ceremony! After being dressed in a Kimono, I was escorted to the venue. Our host and interpreters were amazing. Explained all the reasons behind the spiritual aspects of the ceremony, and after the Maiko did her dance we were able to ask lots of questions. If you want a beautiful authentic experience, please give this a try!read more
Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson
06:59 15 Feb 20
Amazing experience with our private tea ceremony. The staff made us feel welcome from the start and gave a lovely talk about each of the items on display. Really a great afternoon and can really more
Tiffany Mazeau
Tiffany Mazeau
06:54 11 Feb 20
Awesome experience, you can ask a lot of questions and learn so much! The tea ceremony is very enjoyable too and you can take pictures of the whole process. The maiko was very beautiful and kind, she answered to all of our questions, we really enjoyed our time here. Thank you again!read more
Emily McDonnell
Emily McDonnell
03:27 28 Jan 20
It's repeated over and over in the reviews but this really is a once in a lifetime experience. To be able to experience a traditional dance and tea ceremony is outstanding but to recieve it from a real Maiko is just inexplicable. The staff could not have been more lovely and accommodating. Will absolutely be coming back next time I'm in more
Sascha Krebs
Sascha Krebs
02:26 20 Jan 20
One of the most amazing and wonderful experiences we had during our stay in Kyoto. The whole staff was really wonderful and helpful, we were able to ask all the questions you want to ask a Maiko. The tea ceremony was beautiful. We got to wear Kimonos and after all that we had a great walking tour through the Gion district where we also learned so many things by two members of the Kyoto Geisha Show staff. Thank you again for all your help and the wonderful afternoon we had at your lovely place!read more
08:11 19 Jan 20
I’ve done tea ceremonies before but they have never been like this one. They were able to accommodate a big group (19 people) and we got to ask the Maiko-san questions and and take pictures. The women that dressed us were kind and very knowledgeable. Highly more
Janki Patel
Janki Patel
08:09 19 Jan 20
This is a must do experience in Kyoto! All the ladies are so nice and welcoming. They even got our group a Maiko to perform the ceremony. Overall amazing experienceread more
Taylor Espinola
Taylor Espinola
07:59 19 Jan 20
What a wonderful experience! I loved every second and it was very interactive. We were a very large group and they were so professional and accommodatingread more
nairi nabi
nairi nabi
07:59 19 Jan 20
Such an incredible experience! A must for anyone visiting Kyoto. The women that work here are so knowledgeable, hospitable and sweet. Genuinely a pleasant and once in a lifetime experience! I highly recommend it!!!read more
Shankar Radhakrishnan
Shankar Radhakrishnan
10:28 29 Nov 19
We had a great tea ceremony experience at this place. We enjoyed the detailed explanation and relaxed atmosphere. Definitely worth the experienceread more
Karina Didenko
Karina Didenko
06:12 12 Nov 19
This experience is one in a life time, so I definitely recommend it to everyone! It's quite engaging and informative at the same time as first of all you're watching Maiko traditional seasonal dance, after what she shows you how to make a proper green tea and gives you to experience it yourself. The last memorable moment is a question and answer time. Everything what you're interested in about maiko you can ask her personally and receive an answer! Moreover, staff is very friendly, helping, and everyone takes good pictures of you!read more
lourosexx .
lourosexx .
05:33 06 Nov 19
Amazing experience and not to be missed! Staff are lovely and tea ceremony was a once in a lifetime! We even got to see a traditional danceread more
Lisa Thurston
Lisa Thurston
07:36 01 Nov 19
5 Star experience, must do in Kyoto! Our host Nana was amazing and very knowledgable. The sweet making was really fun and Nana showed us different techniques to make different designs. The Tea Ceremony was so insightful, we feel we learned a lot about the tea and Japanese culture and we were so lucky to also meet a beautiful Geisha. We would recommend this to anyone!read more
Nazi Yazdi
Nazi Yazdi
05:25 01 Nov 19
I loved the experience I have had today. Every thing was beautiful and my group and I enjoyed the beautiful ceremony lovely kind staff who helpe us get ready and very nice lady who performed tea ceremony and the beautiful geisha. Thank you so very more
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