Tea Ceremony with Kimono & KAISEKI Lunch

This is a  value deal that includes kaiseki lunch and kimono tea ceremony at Maikoya.

  • You will put on the kimono at Maikoya and the staff will assist you wear the kimono and do your hair.
  • You will experience tea ceremony at Maikoya.
  • Kimono and tea ceremony experience detailes provided below.
  • You will have lunch at a distinguished kaiseki restaurant near Maikoya.


Kaiseki Lunch Information

kaiseki meal kyoto maikoya

    • The restaurant is a 10-minute walk from MAIKOYA and the staff will give you clear directions (or they can take you there if you need)
    • The restaurant has a very authentic feeling with traditional design and a Japanese garden.
    • The restaurant has been rated as the top 10% in Kyoto on major review sites.
    • You will receive an email after booking with details such as restaurant location.
kaiseki lunch and dinner kyoto
kaiseki lunch and dinner kyoto
kaiseki lunch and dinner kyoto
kaiseki lunch and dinner kyoto
  • Kaiseki meal is a Japan-only experience with nicely decorated seasonal dishes cooked in 5 different styles (cooked, boiled, steamed, fried and pickled).
  • The menu includes fish, soup, fried vegetables, rice, pickles and dessert.
  • If you are vegetarian or gluten-free, the menu may not suit your needs.
  • Since Kaiseki meal changes every season, the menu slightly varies.

*In some rare occasions we may provide the lunch at a different traditional restaurant. If that happens, the staff at MAIKOYA will give you directions and assure that your experience is smooth and flawless.




Tea Ceremony at Maikoya

Tea Ceremony in Japan Tea Ceremony in Japan

Our tea ceremony is held in a beautiful traditional Japanese tea room conveniently located in central Kyoto, walking distance from the Gion-Shijo Station, Kawaramachi, Nishiki Market and Kiyomizu Temple (Directions to Maikoya ). We have many beautiful kimonos to chose from and our friendly staff will explain everything in plain English.

This once-in-a-lifetime activity includes:

  • Traditional Japanese tea ceremony experience 
  • Wearing a beautiful kimono including hairdo and hairpins for ladies
  • Drinking matcha green tea
  • Eating wagashi Japanese sweets 
  • *FREE Kimono rental 
  • Discovering the hidden meanings and symbolism associated with this ancient tradition
  • Opportunities to take memorable photos
  • A unique traditional experience with the combination of kimono wearing, zen, harmony, perfectionism, minimalism, meditation, Japanese green tea and Japanese sweets
kimono japan kyoto tokyo

*This reservation includes free kimono rental. Please show up at the time slot you reserved for. The staff will help you put on the kimono and do your hair without any fee and lead you to the traditional tea room. After the tea ceremony, most of our guests just take pictures inside our venue and finish their experience. Some of our guests enjoy free kimono rental by going outside in kimono and visit the nearby temples and shrines. If you chose to go out, you must return the kimono before 6:30PM.



Tea Ceremony in Japan You will make a green tea (Matcha) in an ancient style Japanese tea ceremony room wearing Kimono. In this workshop, a qualified instructor will walk you through step by step of traditional tea ceremony. This is a ritual-like activity where ceremonial tea is prepared and presented to promote physical and mental well-being, mindfulness and harmony. It is also called the Way of the Tea. You will learn the foundations of the zen philosophy: Wa, kei, sei, jaku, which roughly translate as harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. You will observe how your host perfectly and harmoniously use all the traditional utensils to make the perfect cup of tea in way that has been done the same for about 400 years. And, finally, you will make your own tea and enjoy Japanese traditional sweets.

Your tea ceremony experience will include:



  • An introduction to the Japanese tea ceremony and associated rituals
  • This is taught by a friendly instructor who speaks English
  • You will be encouraged to try traditional green matcha tea and Japanese styled sweets
  • Only traditional tea ceremony utensils will be used
  • The workshop will be taught to a small class of 6 or so people
  • Relax in a classroom decorated in traditional Japanese décor and architecture
  • Explanations of the ceremony’s history and technique in simple English
  • Not only watching the demonstration but actually performing the ritual
  • Friendly staff will help you chose the best kimono and wear it in a traditional way
  • For ladies, we will give you the simple hairstyle matching with kimono
  • If you are interested, many photo ops in front of a number of backdrops in our facility before or after the ceremony
  • We also have tea ceremony artifacts and displays with detailed explanations in English that will help you better understand the subtle meanings and the rich history behind this unique tradition


Learn Japanese culture with all of your senses – especially your sense of wonder! Just in case if you were wondering:

  • You are allowed to take pictures in the tea ceremony room after the ceremony as well as the other rooms and in front of our unique backdrops
  • You are allowed to sit comfortably on the floor (without sitting on your knees on the tatami mat). We also provide bamboo chairs for those who prefer not to sit on the floor

We are confident that this experience will be your best souvenir from Japan. You can easily make a reservation now by choosing the best date for you. Additionally, if you’d like you can reserve a PRIVATE tea ceremony  here , or a tea ceremony session without wearing the kimono here  Tea Ceremony at Machiya house



It’s a feast to the eyes, to your ears and mind when a person preparing the hot water. Listening as the water dancing against the hot cast iron. It’s like a river murmuring. Incense would be lit and the smoke travels across your eyes like a silver dragon flying across the sky. She paused briefly as she flexed her wrist signifying the end of cleansing the bamboo ladle. So beautiful and therapeutic to gaze at. Her every move freezes time, space in all dimensions. You forget all your earthly frivolous needs.
PS: At Maikoya, we have a very flexible rescheduling and cancellation policy with zero fee. However, for this particular event only, there will be a charge of 100% if you cancel or reschedule in the last 3 days. It is of course free to reschedule or cancel if there are more than 3 days left to your reservation.



  • Kimono
  • Hairdo
  • Kimono Rental
  • Kaiseki Lunch

Not Included

  • transportation

Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya Kyoto

Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya is a leading cultural experience provider in Japan and the only tea ceremony experience that has received TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award for four consecutive years from 2018 to 2022.

Maikoya Kyoto is found in a historic machiya townhouse in the heart of Kyoto, where the rich culture of Japan is most concentrated.

Learning about the traditions and practices of the country through our immersive cultural workshops and activities will surely give you a new perspective about the intricacies of the history and society in Japan.

Join us at Maikoya Kyoto as we guide you through Japan's traditional arts and history! Our friendly staff and hosts are fluent in English and Japanese and will make sure you have the best experiences and opportunities.

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