There are two kinds of sweets used in the tea ceremony.


Dry sweets (higashi).

They are made out of sweet rice powder pressed in the wooden molds that are made out of the cherry tree. Higashi sweets always change by season particularly in the spring (sakura flavors) and the fall (maple-leave shaped sweets). These kinds of sweets are only used in chakai informal gatherings.


Japanece sweets
Japanece sweets


Moist sweets (omogashi)

These sweets tend to have the mixture of flour and rice powder on the outside and the red bean paste inside. The most common type is called nerikiri which are very colorful. Like higashi, the seasons are always reflected on the omogashi sweets. These sweets are used at the end of the formal tea ceremony meetings and also in informal gatherings.
Japanece sweets
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