Tokyo Experiences

Kimono Tea Ceremony in Tokyo Shinjuku

Authentic tea ceremony experience with kimono wearing in the heart of Tokyo by MAIKOYA. This award-winning tea ceremony lasts for 45 minutes at a traditional teahouse... Book Instantly

PRIVATE Kimono Tea Ceremony in Tokyo Shinjuku

 This is a private kimono tea ceremony session. There will be no one else except you in the tea ceremony.. Book Instantly

Japanese sweets making and Tea Ceremony in Tokyo Shinjuku

Japanese sweets making and tea ceremony experience in Tokyo Shinjuku by award-winning tea house MAIKOYA. We offer traditional Japanese tea ceremony and sweets making.. Book Instantly

Things to Do in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is a city to which no other city can quite compare. It's home to a rich traditional culture as.. Book Instantly

Tokyo with kids

Your Japan travel itinerary would be incomplete if you do not join some cultural activities as a family. Especially when it’s rainy, too hot or too cold outside, the best way to enjoy Japan is doing some indoor cultural activities suitable for all ages.
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Honeymoon in Tokyo

Planning to have your honeymoon in Tokyo, Maikoya can arrange your romantic honeymoon dinner in Tokyo, a unique honeymoon photoshoot in Tokyo and have unique Japanese wedding in Tokyo for you
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Sweets Making Wagashi Cooking Experience in Tokyo

A unique sweets making and wagashi cooking experience in Tokyo that will make your travel memorable. You will make Japanese.. Book Instantly

Sweets Making & Kimono Tea Ceremony in Tokyo

Wagashi making & Kimono Tea ceremony. You will make a Japanese confectionery and Matcha tea (green tea). You can experience.. Book Instantly

Sushi making and Japanese cooking experience in Tokyo

Savoury Meal Workshops Menu: Sushi (vinegared rice with combined with varied ingredients) Learning about a country through cultural workshops and.. Book Instantly


MAIKOYA offers traditional tea ceremony in the historic Gion district and the Kyoto station area with the option of wearing kimono.
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Geisha Kyoto Show & Experience Maikoya Gion

We operate the Geisha Museum and we organize geisha show and geisha tea ceremony everyday.
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Japan Samurai Ninja Experience & Museum

Samurai and Kyoto have always been associated throughout history. From the early Heian period to the collapse of the Tokugawa shogunate the samurai and ninja always roamed the streets of Kyoto.
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Kyoto Experiences

We are the largest cultural experience provider in Japan with 5 indoor and outdoor facilities. We also manage 2 museums. We served more than 100,000 guests with various must-do experiences in Kyoto.
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