Tosa Mamoru Fujiwara Masanobu Tosa no kami fujiwaramasanobu Authentic Samurai Sword – 819

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Blade length 68.73 cm
warp 2.04 cm
Moto haba / Width of the blade 32.3 mm
Motogasane / Thickness of the bottom part of the blade 6.9 mm
Saki Haba / Chip Width Strike 26.8 mm, Yokote position 23.4 mm
Sakigasane / Tick Nes of te bade Strike 5.1 mm Matsuba position 3.9 mm
Nail hole / mekugi ana 1 piece
Age Around Genroku in the middle of the Edo period (1688-)
The middle period of Edo era
Appraisal report Special preservation sword certificate
Official Registration Document August 28, 1980 Tokyo Official Registration Document
Included Bare copper habaki
Price / Cost 500,000 Yen(FREE shipping all of the world)

Mr. Hirai. Azumi Iwaemon. Fuchu residence. In the 9th year of Kyoho, he moved to Yamatokoriyama following Yoshisato Yanagisawa and became Tosa Mamoru.

A work in which the width of the body is solid, the small plate is well kneaded, the ground is thick and the ground iron is delicate, and the scent is soft and soft, and the bright and clear cloves are baked.
At present, there are rust removal marks by amateurs on the back of the finger and a small blade shaving in the center, but as the stone is only issued with a special preservation sword certificate, the sharpness of the ground blade is remarkable. There is. We will guide you at an affordable low price considering re-polishing, so please take this opportunity to purchase Masanobu’s sword.
Please buy it in large and small sizes.

Nude weight 706 grams.