Value Ticket - Geisha Experience and Samurai Experience Combo For Couples and Small Groups

Geisha and Samurai
Indulge in the quintessential Japanese experience with our exclusive package, a collaboration between Maikoya Gion and Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto. Located not far from each other, these venues seamlessly immerse you in the local culture. Ideal for couples and small groups seeking a comprehensive Japan trip, our combo package features a geisha tea ceremony and samurai sword experience, ensuring an unforgettable journey into tradition and excitement.

This memorable local experience package includes

  • Geisha Tea Ceremony Experience
  • Meeting with a geisha at a historic machiya
  • Japanese sweets and Japanese tea
  • Participating in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony
  • Samurai Ninja Museum basic ticket
  • Ninja star throw
  • Dressing in a traditional samurai hakama
  • Sword training and cutting tatami mats

Sword cutting experience tameshigiri Sword cutting experience tameshigiri

Please note:

  • You will first show up at the Samurai Ninja Museum Kyoto near Nishiki Market at 2 PM. Your geisha experience is set to start exactly 3.5 hours after the beginning of your samurai expeirence on the same day (5:30 PM). Both venues are walkable distance from each other.
  • This combo experience requires at least 2 people to sign up and can't be split (e.g. person A does geisha experience and person B does the samurai experience) as our purpose is to bring people together, not split them.

Geisha Tea ceremony kyoto


Important Information

  • Kimono wearing is not included in this experience. If you want to wear a kimono, please also book a kimono rental here.
  • Children under 7 can not enter the tea ceremony venue.
  • In rare circumstances, it may be necessary to cancel your reserved event due to unforeseen circumstances involving the geisha. In such cases, if the show is cancelled due to an emergency, you will receive a full refund. We will notify you by email in the event of a cancellation, so please be sure to check your inbox for messages from our website.
  • We have a unique cancellation policy for geisha events. Cancellation Policy

🌟 Embark on a Journey into Japanese Tradition and Adventure! 🌟

Discover the epitome of Japanese charm with our exclusive combo experience, a fusion of elegance and excitement brought to you by Maikoya Gion and Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto. Situated in close proximity, these venues seamlessly weave together the essence of local culture for an immersive and unforgettable encounter.

🍵 Perfect for Couples and Small Groups: Tailored for couples and small groups longing for an all-encompassing Japanese getaway, our combo package promises a comprehensive exploration of the Land of the Rising Sun.
👘⚔️ The Ultimate Combination: Geisha Tea Ceremony and Samurai Sword Experience: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of geishas with a private meeting at a historic machiya. Delight your taste buds with Japanese sweets and tea, setting the stage for an authentic tea ceremony. Then, brace yourself for the thrilling Samurai sword experience at the renowned Samurai Ninja Museum.
🌸 Unforgettable Highlights of Your Journey: 🏯 Meeting with a Geisha at a Historic Machiya: Experience the grace and charm of a geisha in the intimate setting of a historic machiya, creating a moment that resonates with tradition and authenticity.
🍵 Japanese Sweets and Japanese Tea: Savor the exquisite flavors of Japanese sweets paired with the finest tea, indulging in a culinary experience that mirrors centuries-old hospitality.
🍵 Participating in a Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony: Engage in the artistry and serenity of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, guided by seasoned tea masters who impart the secrets of this ancient ritual.
⚔️ Samurai Ninja Museum History Tour: Unearth the captivating history of the Samurai and Ninja at the museum, immersing yourself in the tales and artifacts that shaped Japan's legendary past.
Ninja Star Throw: Test your ninja skills with an exhilarating star-throwing experience, adding a touch of excitement to your cultural exploration.
👖 Dressing in a Traditional Samurai Hakama: Transform into a samurai as you don the traditional hakama, embodying the spirit of ancient warriors and embracing their regal attire.
⚔️ Sword Training and Cutting Tatami Mats: Learn the art of precision in a thrilling sword training session, culminating in the exhilarating challenge of cutting tatami mats under the guidance of expert instructors.


Don't miss your chance to create lasting memories and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Japanese culture. Book your unforgettable journey now! 🎎🇯🇵✨

Kyoto sword cutting experience tameshigiri




Geisha tea ceremony



  • Basic Ticket to Samurai Ninja Museum
  • Samurai Sword Cutting Experience
  • Geisha Tea Ceremony Experience

Not Included

  • Kimono wearing or kimono rental

Kyoto Samurai & Ninja Museum

The Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto is one of the leading samurai museums in Japan, with a wide range of displays from all throughout Japan’s rich history. We are the only experience-based museum that specializes in providing in-depth and immersive activities that provide our visitors with new perspectives on Japanese history.
We have displays ranging from armors and weapons of the great samurai warriors and the mystical ninjas to everyday tools and artifacts from medieval and ancient Japan. Our souvenir gift shop features replica swords, tabi socks, and tabi shoes. 
We provide guided tours every day, lead by friendly staff who are fluent in English and Japanese. Join us as you explore the glorious history of the legendary samurais and the mysterious ninjas!

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Address: 寺町詩の小路 2F, 292 Higashidaimonjicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8043, Japan