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Forge your very own Japanese kogatana (small blade) with an artisan swordsmith. Learn about the traditional blade-forging process, which uses the same materials and techniques as a full-size katana. At the end of the experience, take the beautiful product of your creation home with you.Meet your friendly and knowledgeable swordsmith at the forge, and begin your hands-on smithing lesson. Begin to work away at transforming raw metal into a delicate instrument of your design as the expert swordsmith guides the process with a steady hand.Pick up a wealth of knowledge on the traditional craft, including the precise nature of the materials and how the process scales up when producing a full-sized Japanese sword. At the end of your artisan crafting session, take home your very own kogatana to cherish forever.

PS: Participants younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

PS: We are fully booked for the month of June.

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Forge your Japanese kogatana (small blade) with an only one artisan swordsmith in Kyoto. Learn about the traditional blade-forging process, which uses the same materials and techniques as a full-size katana. At the end of the experience, you can take the beautiful product of your creation home with you.
The forge is located 1 hour from central of Kyoto.Meet your friendly and knowledgeable swordsmith at the forge, and begin your hands-on smithing lesson.
All the process as below in 4 hours of activity:
1.Hidukuri(火造り)Heat with iron charcoal. Tap with a hand to make iron into a knife shape2.Yakinamashi(焼きなまし)Heating iron up to 700 degrees, then, put it in the straw charcoal to cool down.
(For preparing iron particles)3.Tuchitori(土取り)Put soil to distinguish where you want to bake and where you do not want to bake when quenching iron.4.Meigiri(銘切り)Carve a name with chisel5.Yakiire(焼入れ)Work to harden the blade edge. Heat to 750 degrees, then quench with water.Then, take home your very own kogatana to cherish forever.

※ Age Limits: Participants must be 10 years of age or over.
※ Please kindly understand that the reservation might be asked for editing the date or the time as the limited participant numbers.
※ For booking guests only. Unauthorized persons are prohibited.
※ If you are big group with more than 5people, please email us.
※ We have served hundreds of guests from dozens of countries and we were never informed a problem at the customs. We also have an option to have it shipped to your address with a small fee.


Jonathan Handke
Jonathan Handke
10:31 17 Mar 20
It’s a must visit if you’re in Kyoto. The guides are absolutely amazing and speak good English. They even have a fully... fledged samurai which gives you a brief show with his katana!read more
Edmund Rosewright
Edmund Rosewright
10:41 10 Mar 20
This was a great experience for my family and I. We got to wear armor, play with weapons, and learn alot about Japanese... history. Everything was in English. Our tour guide Yuko was enthusiastic and awesome. I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting Kyoto as a tourist.read more
Adly Almanzo Adnan
Adly Almanzo Adnan
06:48 02 Mar 20
An excellent experience I would recommend. Not just for those with interest in samurai and ninja but to learn about... Japan's history with the samurai in general! Trying on the armour was an IG-worthy moment and I actually learnt a lot about ninja and samurai! 2 thumbs up!read more
Kelly Moore
Kelly Moore
02:22 11 Feb 20
Worth every penny!!! My partner and I did the value pack. First, we were dressed in traditional Japanese attire... (kimono), then we attended a traditional tea ceremony. After that, we were dressed in samurai gear, learned about their history, and then learned about ninjas and threw ninja stars. At the end, we observed a professional swordsman. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable, entertaining and funny, and hospitable. Our favorite part was the tea ceremony. The hostess was absolutely incredible. Book your visit online ahead of time, and make sure you know if you need to go to the museum or the tea ceremony first. They're only about 5 min apart by walk. Be careful- the museum is mixed in with a large, lively market. We actually showed up a few minutes late because we didn't fully prepare to find the place in all the hustle. Both places have maps to help you get to the other location. Please don't pass this up!read more
Stephanie Hunt
Stephanie Hunt
05:51 16 Jan 20
Loved this experience! Great balance of information and history, dressing up as samurai was fun and trying to throw... ninja stars and blow darts was awesome. Reasonably priced and we didn't have to wait at all. Took about an hour all up.read more
21:24 14 Jan 20
Great place to learn about the history of the samurai & ninja. A great place to entertain the kids too as we got to... dress up and practice throwing ninja stars and blow darts. We were also lucky to see a martial arts demonstration. Spent a couple of hours here.Glad we came here before visiting the palace.read more
Kianosh Keyvani
Kianosh Keyvani
23:38 05 Jan 20
My husband and I had so much fun here. We chose the tatami mat cutting package. Sensei was patient and encouraging in... teaching us how to use a katana and some basic techniques. The rest of the staff were really friendly and informative in samurai history as they walked us through the artifacts. It was just a great experience.read more
Isaac Petrie
Isaac Petrie
05:24 03 Jan 20
The guide was fantastic and we had a great time. It was really informative. Throwing shuriken, blowing darts and... dressing as a samurai was a blast. Would recommend.read more
Nikita Gohil
Nikita Gohil
04:21 25 Dec 19
An incredible experience! Got to witness proper samurai fighting and even attempt to try on samurai gear ourselves! We... got to throw ninja stars and try blow darts too! The history tour was also very educating and entertaining. Also the staff was very friendly!read more
Brett Vannier
Brett Vannier
13:55 07 Dec 19
Doesn't look like much from the outside, don't be fooled. This place is awesome and worth every penny. I paid extra to... cut tatami mat with a real sword. It was a legit 300 year old samurai sword. They are also extremely English friendly.read more
Natalie Golding
Natalie Golding
18:47 07 Oct 19
A lighthearted introduction to Japan's alluring history of samurai and ninjas. As well as sorting the fact from the... fiction using a combination of written and spoken guides. The lovely guide we had also introduced the group to some of the lesser known elements of Japanese feudal history before we were all treated to a display from a samurai and then hands on ninja lessons (including throwing stars and blowpipes!) A tongue-in-cheek experience, but genuinely interesting for kids and adults alike - a great rainy day experience.read more
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