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Street food can be defined as food or beverage that is ready-to-eat and sold by a vendor from a food cart or stall in a public place such as a street, park or market. From country to country and region to region, the types of street food vary considerably. In Japan, the street food is highly regionalized although there are dishes popular across the country. The food in Japan follows the fresh, seasonal and local recipe. Street food is less expensive than dine-in restaurants. Street food has existed since the ancient Greek vendors sold dried fish as snacks. However, in Japan, the passion for fresh foods from restaurants also exists for street food. Enormous food festivals celebrate street food and snacks throughout Japan. When you visit Tokyo, you will know why it is revered as the culinary capital of Japan. The street food is delicious and inexpensive. Japanese street food began centuries ago as a way for the poor to have hot meals since they had no stoves. Today street food is a taste sensation everyone will enjoy.



• The types of street food vary from country to country and town to town.
• Street food has a long history in Japan.
• Tokyo is the best city for enjoying street food.
• When you visit Japan do what the residents do and experience the choices and availability of Japanese street food.

One of the famous street foods of Tokyo is the fantastic Okonomiyaki, a Japanese version of a grilled pancake filled with cabbage and finished with your choice of tasty toppings. Ramen is enormously popular with both visitors and residents. Japanese ramen is available in three flavors – miso, soy sauce, and pork. Another street food favorite is takoyaki, ball shaped buns filled with diced octopus, green onion, tempura and pickled ginger. If you want to find out more about Japanese street food you are invited to take a class at the Maikoya Tokyo.

Street Food Class Tokyo
Maikoya Tokyo is a cultural center located in the heart of Tokyo. Maikoya Tokyo offers classes and instruction on a range of authentic Japanese traditions. One of the most popular activities is taking part in Japanese cooking classes. Japanese street food has a long history and emerged from humble beginnings. Before class begins, kimonos are provided to enhance the immersion into Japanese culture. All cooking classes meet in the traditional kitchen. You will discover the fascinating past of street food, the regional and local choices, and how to create festival favorites. A qualified, experienced instructor will guide you through this course, teaching you what you need to know to make the delicious dishes when you return home. The Japanese rule of fresh and seasonal food holds true for street food. Residents also enjoy the Street Food Class and learning how to make delectable traditional snacks.
• Wear a kimono as you cook in a traditional Japanese kitchen
• Learn how to cook Tokyo favorites
• Opportunities to take photos
• Recreate Tokyo street food in your own home



11:21 05 Mar 20
We had the most beautiful experience of learning calligraphy and wearing traditional kimonos. The staff are so friendly... and helpful. I highly recommend this experience to all visitors to more
Joakim Sundén
Joakim Sundén
08:12 04 Mar 20
Very smooth organization, wide variety of kimonos to choose from. They help you dress, do your hair and make you look... beautiful and take pictures with your cameras. The tea ceremony was beautiful and we got to mix our own tea as we were told about the history and the practice of tea ceremony as well as other interesting Japanese culture more
Marsha L
Marsha L
02:54 04 Mar 20
All the ladies there were lovely. Beautiful kimonos for you to choose from, and everything was just sp graceful ❤. You... make your own tea, eat traditional Japanese sweets. Love all the photos and just enjoyed the entire experienceread more
Alisa Ediger
Alisa Ediger
05:48 28 Feb 20
The experience was lovely. The ladies there were all very kind and gave clear instructions that made the whole thing go... smoothly. The kimonos to choose from were all beautiful and the tea ceremony was a good balance between instructional and experiential. Definitely a good choice if you want to attend a tea ceremony but don’t yet know the proper more
Annie Teri
Annie Teri
14:00 09 Feb 20
Best place to learn about their tea culture. You will get choose your own kimono and take many photos in it. It is... worth a visit.Do this if you are free and wish to experience like a more
Kathryn Geiger
Kathryn Geiger
04:09 17 Jan 20
Had a great time. The ladies who run the shop are all very friendly. They all spoke English very well so it made it... very easy to communicate. Having a kimono put on and having your hair done was fun. The tea ceremony itself was very nice. Your walked though step by step of what goes into a tea ceremony. The matcha tea and sweets are more
Chelsea Southe
Chelsea Southe
08:04 04 Jan 20
The three of us has a wonderful experience learning more about this beautiful culture. Our tea master was very... knowledgeable and gladly answered any questions we had. It was truly a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!read more
Dan Dexter
Dan Dexter
23:16 01 Dec 19
My wife and I took the course that teaches students to make traditional Japanese sweets and is followed by a tea... ceremony. We thought it was a fun way to spend some time during our vacation and were really happy with the experience. It's definitely a fun way to learn about a small piece of Japanese cultural more
Xenia Uth
Xenia Uth
05:54 16 Nov 19
We went to participate in the tea ceremony, and it was absolutely perfect! The staff was so kind, spoke very good... English and the kimonos were beautiful! I definitely recommend this place. We also took pictures for about 20-30 minutes afterwards, in a little room they have decorated for this purpose, and the staff was very patient with us! 😍read more
Naomi Bonnici
Naomi Bonnici
11:18 18 Oct 19
Had an absolutely wonderful experience. We experienced the tea ceremony as well as traditional Japanese sweets making.... The hosts/tea masters delivered a professional and traditional experience while also staying light hearted and comical enough for touristical enjoyment. Everything is well explained + they are open to all questions. Our host was very conversational and we really felt like she placed our enjoyment as a priority. This is definitely something you can not miss !!!read more
Kristel Topalova
Kristel Topalova
16:04 25 Sep 19
I was the first person ever to take part in a tea ceremony in the Tokyo location. I chose the kimono + tea ceremony... option. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!My instructor was so professional and kind. First, she helped me with the choice of kimono and then she put it on me. Another young lady took care of my hair and I totally loved the result.The instructor really explained and demonstrated the respect that the Japanese people show to their guests and the tea. She took her time explaining everything to me and let me ask any kind of questions. After her explanations I was allowed to prepare a tea by myself. The instructor was so sweet and positive that I did not want to leave. She even offered to take pictures of me and with me afterwards :)I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to get a feel for traditions in Japan and an authentic experience. The price is very reasonable and the location is easy to more
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