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Japan is famous for delicious cuisine and exotic dishes. However, a substantial part of the typical Japanese diet consists of different types of noodles. Udon noodles are one of the three most common noodles made by Japanese cooks. The noodles have only simple ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right now. Noodles have sustained people in the east for thousands of years. Hearty and satisfying Udon can be enjoyed as a simple noodle meal or used in elegant dishes. The Japanese have perfected the culinary art of noodle making and cooking with noodles. Once you have tasted Udon, you will want to try the noodles with a variety of foods. Discover the history and traditions associated with traditional noodles. When you visit Japan, you must sample the delicious Udon noodle dishes.



• Udon noodles have been handmade and cooked for centuries.
• Udon can be the foundation for elegant meals.
• The Japanese have perfected the art of noodle making.
• Noodles are a regular part of the typical Japanese diet.

Udon Noodle Recipe
Udon noodles are incredibly easy to make from scratch. Follow this easy recipe and enjoy the fresh taste.
Flour – 1 ¾ cups flour
Water 4 oz.
Salt – 2 teaspoons
Dissolve the salt in the water. Then pour the water into a bowl with the flour. Mix well with your hands. Work the dough on a counter or table and knead for ten minutes with your hands until it is ready to roll into a ball. Next, transfer the dough into a large plastic zip bag and wrap the bag with a towel. Put the towel on the floor and walk on it (no shoes please). Kneading the dough with your feet is much easier than working the mixture by hand. The method is used to make Udon at home. After the dough is smooth remove it from the bag and roll it out on a table. Once the dough is smooth and flat, roll it into a ball and repeat the kneading and rolling process at least 3 times until the mixture is significantly smoother. When you knead the dough for the last time leave it in the bag and then put it in a warm spot to allow the dough to rest for four hours. Remove the dough from the bag, roll into a ball and knead it again. Place the dough on the work area after it has softened. Roll out the dough once more. Make a long loaf, folding it over three times the same way as you would fold a letter. Cut dough into ribbons 1/8 inch in width. Dust the noodles with flour before removing. Serves 2.
Udon Classes Tokyo
The Japanese are known for cooking a variety of delectable fresh foods and delicious dishes. Noodles are a primary ingredient for many meals. Udon noodles may be enjoyed alone or in soups, stir fry’s, and in more intricate recipes. If you do not want to make your noodles, you can find them in stores. The flavor and texture of freshly made Udon is far superior to the dried form. Udon is simple to make and contains only flour, water, and salt. When you visit the Maikoya Tokyo, you will have the opportunity to learn the history of Udon and the various ways the wheat noodles can be enjoyed. Best of all you can participate in an Udon noodle making course. Find out how to make the delicious Udon and the myriad ways the tasty noodles can be prepared. The class is an excellent way to discover the culinary possibilities once you learn how to make Udon.
• Discover the history behind Udon
Learn how to make Udon noodles
Put on separate kimonos as a cultural experience
• Sample your handmade Udon
• Make Udon noodles a part of your experience in Tokyo.

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