VALUE TICKET Interactive Samurai Museum Experience + Kyoto Style Kimono Tea Ceremony at Maikoya

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¥9300 / person
¥7440 / person   (+ tax)
Another 10% OFF for 10 or more people

This is a great combo pack for couples and families and honeymooners who are interested in the culture and history of Kyoto.

The ticket includes:

  1. Kimono Tea Ceremony MAIKOYA (Traditional tea ceremony experience + kimono wearing experience + Japanese sweets + explanation of tea ceremony and zen. Maikoya is #1 rated tea ceremony in Japan.)
  2. Samurai & Ninja Museum Guided tour 
  3. Samurai show at the museum
  4. Samurai dress up at the museum
  5. Ninja star throw at the museum
  6. Ninja blow gun use at the museum

NOTE:  Please show up at the KIMONO Tea Ceremony venue first. After the tea ceremony experience we will give you directions on how to get to the Kyoto Smaurai & Ninja museum (2 minute walk from the tea ceremony venue)

Tea ceremony is a ritualistic way of drinking green tea and eating traditional sweets in a Japanese style room. It has the foundations of harmy, purity, respect and tranquility. The sessions usually last around 45 minutes and Maikoya is a walking distance from the museum located in downtown Kyoto.(OUR LOCATION)

 After the tea ceremony, you can enjoy the English guided tour and all the main activities in the Samurai & Ninja Museum near Nishiki Food Market with the same reservation.

Guided tour of the museum + ninja experience + samurai experience + samurai show. Approximately 60 minutes. 98% satisfaction rate. 

Your ticket includes:

  1. Guided tour of the Kyoto Samurai & Ninja Museum: Explanation of the samurai and ninja history by a knowledgeable tour guide in ENGLISH
  2. Ninja experience: Throwing ninja stars and using a blowgun (without full ninja outfit)
  3. Samurai experience : Dressing up like a samurai, wearing a real samurai helmet and holding a metal samurai sword
  4. Samurai show: We hold samurai sword demonstration multiple times a day

PS: If you are interested in special ninja training or special samurai training experiences please check other events on HERE

Samurai and Kyoto have always been associated throughout history. From the early Heian period to the collapse of the Tokugawa shogunate the samurai and ninja always roamed the streets of Kyoto. Now they are back! The samurai and ninja museum brings back the history and helps you to have a glimpse of these heroes’ glorious lives. What is more, you can have a hands on experience including wearing a samurai armor,  doing a shuriken (ninja star) throw and using a ninja blowgun all in one place, all included in the tour.

  • A knowledgeable tour guide will walk you through the rooms of the samurai and ninja museum and explain everything you wondered about the these heroes in plain English. You will learn when the samurai and ninja emerged, what kind of weapons they used, what is their armor made of, what is their sword made of and etc..
  • The tour is well organized and fun.
  • Your tour guide will teach you about the history of samurai in Kyoto.
  • The museum gives you a hands on samurai experience and ninja experience.
  • You will get to throw shurikens (ninja stars, use a blowgun and throw chopsticks)
  • You will have a chance to put on a samurai helmet and a light samurai armor like the ones shown in the photos below
  • You will watch a samurai sword demonstration by a sword master, some days we also have shows such as ninja vs. samurai
  • You will also get to hold and pose with a number of different kinds of replica swords as seen in the pictures
  • This activity is included in the fee, there is no additional charge. You can take many instagramworthy photos
  • We are located right by the NISHIKI MARKET, literally the center of the city.

Additionally, if you want to use a real samurai sword and chop tatami mats you can reserve for that experience by paying a small fee here .

This activity takes place inside the samurai museum that is located in the heart of Kyoto right next to the world-famous Nishiki Market. You get a tour of the museum that is full of ancient artifacts, authentic samurai swords and tons of replica armors from the feudal Japan. You also get a tour of the ninja exhibitions. Being Japan’s largest experiential museum, the venue also provides kimono and yukata experiences, tea ceremony services and zen meditation services in case you have a friend or a family member who is coming along. You can have this experience on any day of the year. If you would like to do the activity outside the museum, please drop us a message as we have several dojos as well. Don’t forget to check out the samurai and ninja gift shop inside the museum, the only English-speaking place in downtown Kyoto that sells real samurai swords, antique samurai armors in addition to ninja tabi-socks.

Samurai Ninja Museum

Samurai may have disappeared from modern Japan, but their spirit lives on Now you can experience that spirit and action. The samurai were the brave warriors and the ruling class of Japan for hundreds of years. One could only be born as a samurai and being a samurai was one of the most prestigious things in the Middle Ages of Japan. The samurai who were excellent swordsmen and war strategists valued one thing the most: honor. That’s why they always carried two swords, one for the enemy and one to remind themselves an honorable punishment.
At our museum we prepared a room to represent the “sengoku” period. The era when there were many wars in Japan and the samurai played the most important role to unify the country. We have different types of samurai armors and costumes that can transform you to a modern day samurai. You can enjoy this unique experience with the whole family as we will provide you with different sizes and styles of armor. For a short time travel, we will show you some basic samurai moves and how to sheath your sword the samurai way.

* Learn the history of samurai, ninja and Japanese culture led by an English speaking guide
* Get a hands on ninja experience (shuriken throwing and blowgun)
* Try the samurai armor and hold the samurai sword katana
* Enjoyable experience with children. Photos help you remember your adventure, and you can share the fun with friends and family

The word samurai is Japanese, but people from all over the globe are familiar with the term. Universally associated with bravery, martial and military skills and above all else, honor, samurai were part of the military caste in feudal Japan. The samurai have been a part of the Japanese culture from the time of their rise to power around in the 11th century to 1868 when the government abolished the feudal system. The samurai were so admired for their dedication and adherence to the samurai code that ordinary Japanese citizens began to incorporate the ideals of respect, loyalty, and honor into everyday society. The weapons and armor changed over the years, but the samurai are closely connected to the traditional long sword called a katana. They also carried a short sword or knife known as a tachi. Wearing a katana and a tachi combination was called daisho. The daisho became the hallmark of the Samurai.  The two swords represented the path of the samurai. The katana was the symbol for fighting a righteous battle, and the daisho was a reminder of personal honor. The Samurai may not roam Japan anymore, but the spirit and dedication to the samurai code of ethics remains.

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