10 Best Sweets Subscription Boxes from Japan

With the worldwide restrictions on travel and social interactions since 2020, it’s no question that most of us just want to go out. Well, we can’t do that. On the bright side, you can always take a quick culture trip and go on a culinary adventure with Japanese subscription boxes.

Everybody likes snacks and candies, and it’s high time for you to treat yourself to a trip right at home with treats from all over Japan. It’s not as tiring as walking the streets of Tokyo or hiking the trails of the countryside but who’s going to say no to the unique tastes and pleasant surprises that these snacks and sweet boxes will bring?
Here are 10 of the best sweets subscription boxes for you to try this 2021:

Japan Crate

Japan Crate offers an exciting way to experience Japan through candies and snacks, including exclusive sweets every month. 
They have three subscription plans available, depending on how much you want to receive: a mini crate containing 5 items at $12, a regular crate with 10 items and a DIY kit priced at $25, and their premium crate which includes 18-20 items with drinks, a DIY kit, and one limited edition item. 
The company ships internationally with shipping fees ranging from $3 to $19.95, depending on your location.


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Price: $12 to $35
Website: https://japancrate.com/


Bokksu specializes in collecting authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas from all over Japan. These treats are bought directly from small, centuries-old family businesses. So buying a Bokksu doesn’t just help you help yourself to the tastes of Japan, it also supports and keeps old traditions alive.
The subscription plans may vary in price from $39.95 to $49.95 and will depend on which plan you choose, with the 12-month plan costing the least. Each Bokksu will contain 20-24 cultural snacks, candies, and tea.
The company ships to most countries for free. You can check their website to see the availability.
Price: $39.95 to $49.95
Website: https://www.bokksu.com/ 

Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat offers the best and sought after Japanese snacks from Japan, including brands like Pocky and Kit Kat. Each box will have a selection of these popular treats as well as anime-themed snacks, drinks, dagashi and DIY kits.
Tokyo Treat boxes will range in price from $22.50 to $35, for classic and premium respectively. The subscription offered monthly and quarterly plans.
Shipping is limited to DHL receiving countries as of now with shipping fees starting at $10.

Price: $22.5 to $35
Website: https://tokyotreat.com/

Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box offers thoughtfully curated treats as well as hard-to-find and exclusive Japanese candies. Each month, Japan Candy Box follows a theme for its boxes, like Spooky Halloween for October, and a Holiday Box for December celebrating Japanese holiday traditions.
The subscriptions will range in price for a monthly plan at $24.90, bi-annually at $21.9, or annually at $19.90 per month for 12 months. Each box will contain 10 fun Japanese snacks and have free shipping worldwide.

Price: $19.90 to $24.90
Website: https://www.japancandybox.com/

Sushi Candy

Sushi Candy has a selection of tasty and unique Japanese candies, Kit Kat assortments, and instant ramen noodles. Some of the items in their box include Konpeito, a traditional handmade sugar candy that comes in a star shape and a variety of flavors. Another unique item in their arsenal is the Amezaiku, or simply sushi candy. Amezaiku is a delicate art piece that you can eat and is crafted by a skillful artist.
Each box will cost around $12.99 to $41.98 and will depend on the box of your choosing. Sushi Candy boxes will contain 20 to 40 items and additional Kit Kats. Shipping is free and available internationally.

Price: $12.99 to $41.98
Website: https://www.sushicandy.net/


Zenpop is an Osaka-based company that offers a variety of item boxes from ramen, sweets, and stationary. Their sweets and snack box contain 15 different treats that change according to their monthly themes. There’s also a ramen and sweets mix pack containing flavors from both Korea and Japan, and a combination of sweet and savory snacks. This mixed box will have 2-3 noodle bowls, and 6-8 Japanese snacks.
The subscription for these two boxes will range from $30 to $35, and will come with free shipping depending on the box, and are available worldwide.


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Price: $30 to $35
Website: https://zenpop.jp/

Kawaii Box

Kawaii Box doesn’t actually have purely just snack boxes. They have a selection of kawaii or cute items ranging from plushies, snacks, stationery, accessories, and more. Each box will contain familiar faces that you can easily recognize, like Totoro from Studio Ghibli, Hello Kitty, Pusheen, Gudetama, and many others.
Their subscription start at $21.90 for the 12-month plan, and $29.90 if you just want to try. Each box will contain 8-10 items and come with free shipping worldwide.

Price: $21.90 to $29.90
Website: https://www.kawaiibox.com/ 


Snakku specializes in providing authentic Japanese snacks from local snack makers in Japan. These treats are curated to showcase the unique seasonal snacks from different regions and prefectures. Of course, they also include familiar flavors and beloved snacks that everyone can enjoy as well. 
A tasting box priced at $16.50 is available for US customers that include a mini-guide to the sampling of snacks that give a little taste of what’s to come. Aside from a sampling box, there is also the regular box at $37.95 that contains 20-25 treats, with free shipping offered worldwide.

Price: $16.5 to $37.95
Website: https://www.snakku.com/ 

Freedom Japanese Market

Freedom Japanese Market packages contain 12-16 full-size snacks, including a variety of sweet and savory flavors, with each box personalized with a handmade origami piece that changes its designs according to the season and themes per month. They also include a fun addition of limited edition and exclusive snacks in their packs.
There are three plans to choose from: mini priced at $14.99, the original pack at $24.99, and the family premium at $45.99. Each plan includes free shipping worldwide.

Price: $14.99 to $45.99
Website: https://www.freedomjapanesemarket.com/

My Japan Box

My Japan Box offers a selection of authentic Japanese products that take you on a journey across Japan. There are 20 available themes for the boxes on their website, from anime, candy, snack, tea, and many more. Each box features a selection of pop culture products and quarterly subscription plans.
Their candy box contains 10 to 15 Japanese candies priced at $14.99 to $30 monthly, while their snack box has 7-10 items from $14.99 to $29 per month. If you’re a fan of Kit Kats, they also have a box that contains just that, ranging from $14.99 to $29 monthly. Subscribers get free shipping internationally.

Price: $14.99 to $30
Website: https://www.myjapanbox.com/