Traditional Tea House in Osaka- Osaka's best teahouse

Traditional tea houses in Osaka were commonly built to maintain the true tea ceremony culture. Experts of the Japanese tea ceremony propose that the ritual takes places in a small chashitsu (tea house) that is located next to a tea garden. Maikoya Osaka is the only traditional teahouse in Osaka that keeps the tradition and legacy alive.


When you enter the tea house of Maikoya you will fist find the pond and the koi fish greeting you. Then you will head to the place where you will put on a beautiful kimono. Finally you will be taken to a real traditional teahouse where from tokonoma to kakejiku everything is perfectly arranged as it was proposed by the pioneers of this ritual centuries ago.
Tea ceremony room in Maiko Osaka Tea ceremony room in Maikoya Osaka


Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshops

Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshops are held at the Golden Pavillion section or the Edo-style Room of Maikoya Osaka. This is a 6-floor building that used to be a Geisha house which now serves as a culture museum. At the end of the workshop, you can continue with a range of other activities and workshops at Maikoya Osaka or hang out at the relaxing Geisha Cafe to create a Japanese cultural experience you will not ever forget.


In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to wear tradition kimono robes, taste the green matcha tea and eat unique Japanese sweets specifically made to match the tea's flavor. All workshops will be in English and will last around 90 minutes in a traditionally decorated room. This is a once in a lifetime event to experience an activity that has been practiced for hundreds of years.