What Are The Best Kobe Beef Restaurants in Kyoto?

Nikuno Takumi Miyoshi

On a back street, hidden away in Hanami-koji. You will find a fantastic restaurant specializing in Kobe beef. Nikuno Takumi Miyoshi is considered one of the best beef restaurants in Kyoto. They serve Kobe and Wagyu beef that will melt in your mouth.

Nikuno Takumi Miyoshi is a favorite with locals and tourists who are in the know. This is a restaurant for beef lovers, you will find the best cuts of beef in Kyoto served in a delightful restaurant that oozes charm and character.

Nikuno Takumi Miyoshi

You will find A5 Wagyu beef sourced from the best regions in Japan. The Kobe and Matsusaka beef cuts are excellent. This is definitely a restaurant to be avoided if you are vegetarian, as every dish on the menu contains the best quality beef in Japan.


Gion Mikaku

This restaurant doesn’t look very special from the outside. Once you enter Gion Mikaku, wow. This is a stylish restaurant, with a fantastic menu, and some of the finest cuts of Kobe beef in Japan.

Gion Mikaku is loved by food bloggers, adored by locals, and holds solid five-star reviews on Trip Advisor. The cost of a meal is reasonable considering you are eating the finest beef cuts available. The Kobe beef is soft, the Wagyu beef melts in your mouth, and the service is excellent.

Some restaurants don’t need lengthy reviews filled with superlatives and cliches. Gion Mikaku is one of those restaurants. If you are in Kyoto, you need to discover this restaurant and enjoy one of the most exceptional dining experience in town.


Steak House Pound Shijo Kawaramachi Shop

Kyoto is a food city, you will find some of Japans finest restaurants hidden away on tiny back streets. They are fantastic places filled with character and soaked in culture. The chefs are some of the best in Japan. The only problem is, some of the best restaurants in Kyoto are hard to find.

However, there is an exception, Steak House Pound Shijo Kawaramachi Shop. Is only a two-minute walk from Kyoto’s Hankyu Kawaramachi station.

The specialty of the house is dry-aged beef. Most westerners will consider dry-aging meat to be something found in a supermarket bargain bin. But they would be wrong. Dry aging beef delivers more flavor and is incredibly tender.

The menu at Steak House Pound Shijo Kawaramachi Shop is impressive, the service is beyond excellent, and the location is perfect. When you visit Kyoto, if you have the time to try one beef restaurant, this is the place to visit.



Where is the best Kobe beef restaurant in Kyoto? Misono is a restaurant that prides its self on serving the best Kobe beef in Kyoto. The Kobe beef comes from black cattle of the highest quality. You will only find A4 and A5 grade beef at Misono.

Each cut is thick and juicy and grilled on the iron. Allowing it to melt in your mouth. For the best taste, Kobe beef should be 2cm thick, and that is precisely how thick each cut of Kobe is at Misono.

With a global reputation and more awards than the Oscars Misono is a fabulous restaurant that you must visit when you are in Kyoto. The service is excellent, and the décor is delightful. This is the best Kobe beef experience in Kyoto, if not Japan.