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Kurama and Kibune, are small serene villages located in the northern part of Kyoto. With Mount Kurama wedged between the two, Kurama and Kibune are connected by a string of temples and landmarks that form paths along the mountainside, making both destinations a short hike away. Plunged in nature, the picturesque area is blanketed by Japanese cedar trees and is also home to Houroku-yu, a natural hot spring located at the foot of Mount Kurama. This makes them an ideal place for relaxation after hiking along the trails of the mountain. 
One of the most notable stops in the Kibune and Kurama district is Kurama Onsen. The onsen boasts of natural sulfur hot spring and takes pride in its scenic open-air bath. Considered as the best onsen in the Kyoto Area, the onsen offers various choices. From indoor tubs with all the extras visitors would want for the more private individuals, to an outdoor bath among nature with a breathtaking view of the countryside. The Kurama onsen is not near the downtown Kyoto area. 
If you want to go to Kurama Onsen from the downtown area by taxi, it costs around 60 USD one way but you can opt to take the train to the Ichihara Station and then take the taxi from there which would reduce the cost dramatically. You can, of course, get there by the public bus but you need to switch the busses 3 times not to mention the distance in between that requires some good walking. 
Nearby Kurama Onsen you can visit the Kurama Dera Temple, Kifune Shrine, and Kifune riverside cafes. As a historic site hidden on the mountainside, the Kurama Onsen area will give you such a relaxing but memorable feeling. The temple and shrine have hundreds of steps decorated with lanterns that you have to climb up. The elites of Kyoto often visit the Kifune riverside cafes and restaurants which allow you to enjoy the traditional kaiseki meal on the terrace and serve pricy but some of the best food in Kyoto.


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