Niseko Onsen

Niseko is a town situated in a subprefecture in the island of Hokkaido. Though being a town, It is also commonly referred to as the mountain range of the area. Niseko, known for the place where visitors travel to try out the famous ski experience, also shares the trait where it boasts its collection of resorts that gives utmost quality treatments of relaxation. The place welcomes locals and foreigners alike.
Onsen in Niseko Village

The location of Niseko is also near volcanic hot springs. Come and witness the onsens of Niseko, where one could feel the refreshing heat and soothing calm of the hot springs. It is an experience where guests could feel the burdens of their joints and muscles being washed away by the benefits that its waters offer. Many ryokans also offer accessible routes to sites like the Shiribetsu River, where guests can try daring activities like rafting on the water.
Aside from onsens, guests can enjoy the major resorts of the area namely Annupuri, Grand Hirafu, and Niseko Village. There is also a special ticket where travelers can hit three birds with one stone called the Niseko All Mountain Pass. This ticket gives access to the three major resorts. Guests can visit Grand Hirafu, which is the largest compared among the major resorts. It is where Hirafu Town is located and where those who want to stay in the area can decide the hotel of their choice.
Niseko Mt. Resort Grand Hirafu

Niseko Village, also known as Higashiyama, has two large hotels. Like Grand Hirafu, it has its own Hilton Niseko Village to show where accommodations, restaurants, and other small shops can be found. Annupuri is an ideal resort for people who want to avoid crowded places. Its location offers humble stays and homes for those spending their vacation.
Other than three major resorts, Niseko also introduces Moiwa. Though not covered by the all-mountain pass, guests can still visit this resort especially people who prefer a less crowded environment. Hotels and other stays can also be located in the area so friends and families can stay the night. The location of Niseko is accessible, considering it is just an hour's drive from Sapporo.


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