Ohara Onsen

Old Townhouses in Ohara Old Townhouses in Ohara

Ohara is a quaint mountain village located in a valley in northern Kyoto. Known as an ancient farming village, female residents in the area still don traditional farm clothing, earning them the name “Oharame”. Because of the area’s well-preserved culture, one can find the spirit of old Kyoto in Ohara by exploring the ancient temples and statues. Alternatively, visitors can simply take in the scenic landscapes and rural charm in a stroll around the village. Being a small village, there aren’t as many accommodations to be expected--but what few that can be found are sure to be gems.
Ohara Onsen has a few establishments that can offer choice accommodations. Whether guests would prefer traditional or intimate stays tucked at the foot of a mountain where they can enjoy the gardens and woodland, or at more modern options near the town center. Ohara can be accessed by bus from Kyoto Station or Sanjo-Keihan Station. 
One of these accommodations is Seryo Ryokan, which is a modern Japanese inn in close range with historical sites like the Sanzan-in Temple and the Hosen-in Temple. The ryokan offers nine rooms with varying styles inspired by Japanese and Western elements. Some of which come with their own open-air baths and all the rooms offer serene views of the property’s garden, letting the guests enjoy the richness of nature with the view of the landscapes in the distance. Seryo Ryokan offers its guests open-air baths and indoor baths, supplied with natural hot spring water while the outdoor options situated in the serenity of a Japanese Garden.
Ohara Onsen is not near the downtown Kyoto area and it may take you more than an hour to get there from central Kyoto. However, the Ohara area is known by locals as the real hidden gem far from crowds where one can enjoy silence and calm. Nearby you will find the impressive Sanzen In temple with more than 1250 years of history and also the Jikkoin Temple which has one of the most famous moss gardens in Kyoto. The Enryakuji temple associated with the ninja history that is located on Mount Hiei is also not far but you perhaps need a car to get there.


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