Zao Onsen

Having been discovered in 110 AD, Zao Onsen is one of the most renowned attractions and a favorite destination of tourists in Japan. It can be located in the city of Yamagata in the region of Tohoku, surrounded by neighboring mountains. The onsen is also known as a hot spring village that harmonizes with nature and a place known for having a large collection of accommodations like hotels and restaurants.
With nature's embrace, the surroundings of Zao does not stay stagnant. Guests can witness season changes with cable car rides, enabling them to see how leaves change with the play of colors and tincture. Trekking activities are encouraged during the autumn, while in winter, the highlighted event is the change of mighty mountains to daring slopes.
Zao Onsen Ski Resort, Japan. Zao Onsen Ski Resort, Japan.

The winter enhances Zao Onsen Ski Resort into a top-class location, making it a distinguished resort village where locals and tourists can see the view of the “Snow Monsters”, which are trees hugged by ice. This view is a sight to behold, making it one of the rare phenomenons in winter that is recognized worldwide. It remains a top tourist spot in Japan with 1900 years of practicing service and tradition.
With its location, guests have a number of options on where to stay. Ryokans like Tokinenoyado Yunushi Ichijo, Chikusenso Mt. Zao Resort & Spa, and Onsen Sanso Daikon no Hana are quality accommodations that offer open-air baths, scrumptious cuisine, and incredible views of the famous Zao Ski Resort. Established 600 years ago, Tokinenoyado Yunushi Ichijo is a traditional Japanese inn located in Miyagi and is considered to be the top ryokan of the area. It is known for being a  place of nostalgia as it treasures the aesthetic of the traditional design, which is resounded by its design and interior. The ryokan invites guests to its hot spring baths, which can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. Its baths can also be rented for private use, which is ideal for families and couples.
Chikusenso Mt. Zao Resort & Spa Onsen , Chikusenso Mt. Zao Resort & Spa Onsen ,

Chikusenso Mt. Zao Resort & Spa is a traditional Japanese inn located in Miyagi. It is situated near Mount Zao. It has hot spring baths in some of the rooms. The resort invites guests to its open-air baths, which can be enjoyed by men and women separately. Baths can also be rented for private use, which is ideal for families and couples. Meals of the ryokan pride in Japanese cuisine and are served for breakfast and dinner. 
Another onsen that can be visited is Onsen Sanso Daikon no Hana, which is an adult-only onsen ryokan. It is situated in a forest and is surrounded by nature. Its rooms have open-air hot spring baths that face the grandeur of the forest. The large public baths of the ryokan can be enjoyed separately by men and women. Some onsens face the forest and can be rented for private use. After taking a dip, guests are invited to taste Japanese cuisine that prides itself in fresh vegetables which are grown at local farms including the farm of Onsen Sanso Daikon no Hana. Breakfast and dinner are both served in semi-private dining rooms. The area of Zao Onsen can be reached by rides from Tokyo Station. 


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