4 Budget-Friendly Ryokans in Kyoto, 2021

Ryokans are a kind of traditional inn unique to Japan and can be expensive to plan for, so many tourists shy away from the experience due to budget constraints. However, you can’t really complete a Japanese experience without staying in one! There’s no need to splurge all your savings just to be able to immerse yourself in the culture that is the ryokan.
Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan at Togetsukyo Bridge during the annual autumn light up. Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan at Togetsukyo Bridge during the annual autumn light up.

There are a number of ryokans, especially the high-end kind, in the Kyoto area because of its rich ties as a vacation spot to the Japanese Imperial Family throughout history.
Here, we’ve created a short list of highly recommended ryokans that provide exceptional service and an enriching experience that doesn't dent the savings.

Ryokan Shimizu

Ryokan Shimizu Ryokan Shimizu

Ryokan Shimizu offers an authentic and casual ryokan experience for its guests. The ryokan is a short walk away from Kyoto Station, making it easier to visit major tourist spots in the town. The famous Gion District is just a bus ride away. If public transportation isn’t for you, Ryokan Shimizu offers bike rentals--the best way to get around and explore Kyoto.
Ryokan Shimizu is located in a quiet neighborhood, just behind the Higashi Honganji Temple. The ryokan takes great pride in Japanese culture, and the family that runs the establishment is open to offering private calligraphy workshops.
The rooms at the inn come with a private bath and showers. In addition, there are two large hot-spring baths available for groups or private use that are prepared using seasonal fruits and flowers. Breakfasts at the ryokan are exceptionally healthy and are selected fresh daily by the owner himself.

Matsubaya Ryokan

Matsubaya Ryokan Matsubaya Ryokan

Matsubaya Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn established way back in 1884 and is located in the heart of Shimogyo Ward in Kyoto. The inn is highly recommended for its prime location, close to the many city attractions that Shimogyo has to offer, in a way that doesn’t deplete your savings.
The Japanese inn offers recently renovated rooms fitted with tatami mat flooring and futon beds. You’ll even get to don yukata robes during your stay. Matsubaya Ryokan prides itself on giving its guests an authentic Japanese experience and is especially welcoming to first-timers at a ryokan and international tourists.
Matsubaya Ryokan has earned its place in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame in 2015, and a Certificate of Excellence for its exceptional service and customer satisfaction.



Ryokufuso by Ostrovok Ryokufuso by Ostrovok

Ryokan Ryukufuso is a traditional Japanese inn that offers the culture-rich experience of staying at a ryokan in a more casual setting. The establishment is praised for having helpful and attentive staff. Hot spring baths are available for the enjoyment of the guests and are segregated by gender, and tattoos are allowed. For newer, uninitiated guests who are unfamiliar with onsens, the staff are available and happy to provide assistance.
The meals offered at the ryokan are either Western or Japanese-style and are served during breakfast and dinner. The dishes are carefully prepared and beautifully presented to the guests by the staff, taking great pride in their culinary expertise.
Nearby, guests will be able to visit Nishi Honganji, Ryukoku Museum and the Nishi Honganji Karamon Gate.
    • Website: http://ryokufuso.jp/
    • Phone Number: +81-75-341-7201
    • Fax: +81-75-371-2671
    • Address: Japan, 〒600-8323 Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, 六条上ル金屋町490


Nishiyama Ryokan


Nishiyama Ryokan is a traditional Japanese lodging located in Nakagyo. The rooms are fitted with tatami mat flooring, and is designed with wooden fixtures and traditional elements. There are available massage treatments to relax the weary muscles after a day of exploring the small town, or you can opt to take breather in the charming property garden. You'll be able to find many tourist destinations around the town, just close to the ryokan such as the Hono-ji Temple, and the Kamogawa River.

The ryokan offers a Japanese breakfast that features tofu dishes and a kaiseki dinner in the dining room. The carefully prepared kaiseki uses local and seasonal ingredients.


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