Fudo-in Temple is a temple located in the southern mountains of Koyasan. It is a location where the teachings of a Japanese historical figure and symbol of determination known as Fudomyo-o can be discovered.

Fudo-in was founded as a temple, making its place in one of the twelve temples found by Saiko. Today, it serves as a guest house.

The temple has a garden where guests can view its aesthetic of tranquility. It has air-conditioned rooms that cost 20,000 to 45,000 JPY per night, with a balcony in some of the rooms.

In the morning, guests are offered a vegetarian breakfast.

The temple accessible to other sites like the Kongobu-ji Temple and can be reached by car from the Kansai International Airport.

Due to COVID-19, guests must book under the guidelines implemented by the Government of Japan.

Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen?
Onsen Ryokan

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)?

Is there a communal shared public bath?

Price range (yen)
20,000 – 45,000

Koyasan Fudoin Temple

Total rating: 4.5
Sigh. My favorite part of Japan.
I actually stayed here around 2016. I loved Koyasan and loved this stay, even more! I’d go back to Japan just to stay here, again. The monks singing is magical and I got THE BEST SLEEP I’VE EVER HAD on their tatami beds! And I am a notoriously picky sleeper. They had these amazingly soft comforters, which you could layer, and it felt like sleeping in a cloud! I’ve been searching for them since and have never figured out how to replicate them. And our room was huge and the dinner was, literally, the only good food I had in all of Japan! Probably bc it was vegan, so there were no worms (that look like French fries) or “vegetarian” surprises, like snail eggs or ink gushing squid, etc. Love Koyasan, and this was the best!!!!

avatarValerie F
5-star Cuisine and comfort
We spent 4 days of our vacation on the Kii Peninsula and ended at Koya-san, a magical and serene setting that was worth the trek to get there. Staying at Fudoin was really special and much more comfortable than I’d expected. While spartan in some ways (dated sinks and toilets), the rooms themselves were very comfortable and spacious and the bedding was top notch. The highlights of our stay were the artfully presented and delicious vegetarian meals and joining the monks in the morning prayer service (English handouts provided). The prayer hall is reached by passing rooms in the monks’ quarters with beautifully painted panel doors - I wish they’d had information on the rooms and the artwork available for guests. Overall, we’d highly recommend this property and a visit to Koyasan!

A Upscale Monastery Stay
I had the opportunity to stay at two different ryokan temples while on Mt Koya. This was the second of the two, and I am glad that I had the chance to compare. Both were different experiences. Koyasan Shukubo Fudoin was a newer, shinier ryokan compared to my other temple stay. While both offered the same broad features, this temple was aimed more at upscale visitors. I read several comments about Mt. Koya while researching where bloggers complained about the temple stay experience. First, you need to know what you are going to experience. However, this is more for those who might complain about other temple experiences given the more upscale polish. What I did like about Koyasan Shukubo Fudoin was the dining room (my other ryokan temple you ate in your room), the room size and a beautiful garden.

Take off your shoes and enjoy a peaceful relaxation
I won't describe much as I don't want to spoil the future visits but it was a very peaceful break during our Japan tour. The rooms are beautifully simple. Make sure you wear very warm clothes if visiting in autumn/winter though!!! The baths are open from 4:30pm to 9pm. Dinner was wonderful. Breakfast was nice, different from anything you've ever tasted on your life! Make sure to go to the night cemetery tour at Ekoin (5 min walk and bookable online). I would like to thank the monks again for their warm welcome.

avatarDanielle L
Incredible experience
From the moment we (mother/daughter) arrived at Fudo-In, we knew we had stumbled into a once in a lifetime experience. We were greeted by a diligent and hard-working monastery worker who showed us how to arrange our slippers, checked us into our room, and explained all of the necessary information (dinner time, bath hours) -- even with his limited english. His devotion to his task and to his interaction with visitors was truly touching (and the warmth we felt towards him even gave us a pang to say goodbye the next day). Our room was large, with a patio overlooking a garden, absolutely stunning. After spending the afternoon exploring the town and temples, we returned to Fudo-In for a DELICIOUS, beautiful, masterfully-presented vegan meal. The next morning, we participated in the monks' prayer ceremony, which was very special. The monk spoke to the group after the meditation -- first in japanese, and then in english -- which we weren't expecting, and was so wonderful! Again an incredible meal, and we left after breakfast. If you're looking for a peaceful, powerful, close to nature experience, Koyasan is the place to go, and I can't recommend Fudo-in highly enough.

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