Gora Hanaougi

Located in Hakone Gora, Gora Hanaougi is a Japanese-style luxury ryokan-hotel, a combination of traditional and modern designs.

The interiors and the 20 guest rooms are all fitted with tatami mat flooring. All the rooms are also inclusive of a private open-air bath with a view of the Garin Mountain and the surrounding woodland. Each room has its own dining area, where guests can enjoy traditional full-course Japanese meals, with seasonal ingredients sourced fresh every morning. One night’s stay can range from 70,000 to 100,000 JPY.

In addition to the private en-suite hot spring baths, there are also public baths featured in the hotel, with indoor and outdoor options for men and women, separately. The outdoor baths are surrounded by views of nature and the mountainside. Other amenities for the guests to enjoy include a massage chair, a powder room, and a security box for valuables.

Nearby tourist spots in the area include: Lake Ashinoko, Hakone Shrine, Owakudani, Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Field, and Gotemba Premium Outlet.

Hakone Gora can be accessed from Hakone Yumoto Station to Gora Station. A courtesy car can be arranged for pick up from Gora Station. The hotel is operating normally with safety measures in place and limited acceptance to prevent the spread of infection.


Does this place have a private onsen for couples and families? Is this venue tatoo friendly?

All rooms have open-air hot spring baths

Spring quality/qualities

Sulfate spring, Hydrogen carbonate spring

Tourist spots nearby

Lake Ashinoko, Hakone Shrine, Owakudani, Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Field (From late September to early November), Gotemba Premium Outlets

Number of rooms

20 rooms

*Smoking is prohibited in all facilities


Rooms with open-air baths Available

Onsen Area Hakone

Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen? Onsen Ryokan

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)? Yes

Is there a communal shared public bath? Yes

Are there additional rental options? With open-air tubs 0 With indoor tubs 0 With both indoor and outdoor tubs 0

In or near Tokyo

Price range (yen) 70,000 - 100,000

The price includes one dinner and one breakfast