Hoshinoya Kyoto is a traditional Japanese inn converted from the home of Ryoi Suminokura, a wealthy merchant. The ryokan is located in Nishikyo, on the riverbanks of Ōi River, just a short distance from the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. This Hoshinoya property on this list is also the second ryokan that the resort chain has opened, the first one being Hoshinoya Tokyo.

Hoshinoya Kyoto has been praised for its beautiful location, surrounded by sakura and a captivating walkway covered in moss that leads guests around the property. The Japanese inn also boasts traditional style cypress wood baths, and karakami printed wallpaper made by Kyoto craftsmen. 

The traditional Japanese inn takes great pride in their kaiseki dinners, which are prepared by their Michelin Star Chef Ichiro Kubota, using local and seasonal ingredients. Both dinner and breakfast of the ryokan are served in individual guest rooms due to the coronavirus. 

The inn has a total of 25 traditional Japanese rooms with wide windows looking into the surrounding nature that priced around 80,000 to 175,000 JPY per night.

The location of the inn is close to historical sites like Tenryuji Temple, a World Heritage Site. The ryokan is accessible by boat ride from the Katsuura River or by train or car from Tokyo StationNagoya Station, and Kansai International Airport. Front desk check-ins are temporarily unavailable to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Guests will be directed to their rooms for their safety.

  • HOSHINOYA Kyoto Official Site. Located in Arashiyama.A picturesque Riverside Retreat in Historical Kyoto. Best Rate Guaranteed.
    HOSHINOYA Kyoto Official Site. Located in Arashiyama.A picturesque Riverside Retreat in Historical Kyoto. Best Rate Guaranteed.
    HOSHINOYA Kyoto Official Site. Located in Arashiyama.A picturesque Riverside Retreat in Historical Kyoto. Best Rate Guaranteed. - Pinned on : Jan 20, 2021

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Hoshinoya Kyoto

Total rating: 4.5
avatarMadeline H
Dark, Bleak Room
I booked the Tanigasumi Double room at Hoshinoya as an expensive treat for my 30th birthday because I wanted to relax next to the window from the bed, as seen on their website. Unfortunately, it seems that there are more than one Tanigasumi Double, so instead of the bright room with the bed alongside the window, as seen on their website, I was placed in a room I considered a cave, with bed very far away from the window, enclosed in darkness even with all the lights on. When I was escorted into this room, I was on the brink of tears because it was such a hollow, sterile, dark, bleak room. What's more, I felt "trapped" as Hoshinoya is only accessible by boat and the restaurant was too full to eat at, so I spent my birthday night eating cold room service noodles and waiting for the boat back the next day. If you are splurging for what appears warm, beautiful light, don't reserve the Tanigasumi Double room, as you might not get the room you expected. The attached photo is around 3:30 PM at the height of summer—.

A Hidden Treasure in Kyoto - Zen like....
The Hoisnoya Resort is a bit off the beaten path in Kyoto. You take a small boat down the river in Arashiyama. We are frequent visitors to Kyoto, but had never stayed at Hoshinoya prior. We drove from Karuizawa and there was easy parking near the boat landing. We went just after the National Emergency for COVID was lifted so there were not many people staying at the Resort. We had a wonderful room looking out over the river. The entire property is very well designed. Service is excellent. Note we did not eat at the hotel since we met with friends in Kyoto. So I cannot comment on that, but for the hotel staff it did not seem a problem. I can certainly recommend Hoshinoya, particularly if you have been to Kyoto prior and don't want to stay in the more crowded center of town.

avatarThe Gym Lad
Hoshinoya or Aman?
We were told so many good things about this brand from our family friends and also Hoshinoya resorts are the only hotels my uncle stays at in Japan, so we wanted to give Hoshinoya Kyoto a try. We were amazed when we got there, it’s literally like a paradise there. We loved the beautiful nature, restaurants, temples and shops. Breakfast was served in our rooms, which was great and tasty. Hoshinoya Kyoto is definitely the best hotel/resort in Kyoto other than Aman Kyoto. I’ve never stayed at Aman Kyoto, so I can’t say for that although I’ve also heard great things about Aman Kyoto. Wish Hoshinoya Kyoto all the best. Would like to stay at their other properties one day

avatarLuciana T
just amazing!
if you are looking for a place to relax this is it, near Arashiyama bamboo forest and in a very quiet area, this place is beyond compare! My favorite spot is the outdoor terrace that has a view of the river, even though it was winter the staff gives you blankets to keep you warm, also had amazing coffee, tea, and Japanese sweets to enjoy a wonderful afternoon at Hoshinoya.

Beautiful beyond compare.
This is the ultimate authentic Japanese experience. We stayed one night as the cost is prohibitive, but it was worth it. The cuisine was picture perfect. Everything is just as you would imagine a perfect Japanese inn to be.

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