Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Bessou Ao no Za is a beautiful Onsen Ryokan located near Lake Shikotsu not far from Noboribetsu onsen and Lake Toya. The traditional Ryokan has 18 rooms with a private Onsen and costs between 75,000 and 150,000 JPY a night including dinner and breakfast. Lake Shikotsu is a famous volcanic lake that emerged after the eruptions more than 40,000 years ago and easily accessible from the New Chitose Airport.



Does this place have a private onsen for couples and families? Is this venue tatoo friendly?

All rooms have open-air hot spring baths

Spring quality/qualities

Hydrogen carbonate spring

Tourist spots nearby

Lake Shikotsu, Noboribetsu Onsen, Lake Toya

Year of establishment


Number of rooms

25 rooms


Rooms with open-air baths

Onsen Area
Lake Shikotsu

Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen?
Onsen Ryokan

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)?

Is there a communal shared public bath?

Are there additional rental options?
With open-air tubs 0 With indoor tubs 0 With both indoor and outdoor tubs 0

Price range (yen)
75,000 – 150,000

The price includes one dinner and one breakfast

Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Besso Ao no Za

i am a season traveller to various part of japan and was in the resort from Jan 24 to 27'2020 and experienced the best service all round that i have ever come across in japan. from the moment you enter the resort, the staff will pamper you throughout. all kinds of drinks at anytime of the day, blue mountain coffee, champagne, wines and whisky to drink till your heart content. lots of space, imagine the smallest room is 200 sqm !!! highly recomended for couples or stressout individuals looking for a quiet and secluded envirnoment.

Recommended, the staff are so friendly and accommodating, this place is so quiet you really have time to relax.. .. Food are so delicious...

ultra luxurious hot spring, accommodation +food + service are the best I've ever had. Will come again.

Shikotsuko Tsuruga Besso Ao no Za

Total rating: 4.5
Peaceful retreat
We took a walk-through here while staying at Mizu no Uta across the street and I decided to come back to stay here. The hotel decor is simple, beautiful. Love the blue tatami mats and the smell of the wood in the hallways. It's a very different experience than across the street. Very peaceful. The staff is very attentive and kind. Love the rotenburo, perfect temperature, nice and big. There is no work desk in the guestroom but there is a vanity desk in the closet. We turned off our heating system during our stay, the room somehow retained heat very well. It's too bad the balcony has frosted glass cause you can really only see the beautiful blue lake when standing up and can't see it when in the bath either. The lake and the mountains is really stunning views. We did the indigo dye workshop and tea service. There was afternoon tea for one of the afternoons. Kaiseki dinner was only ok. Maybe the current ingredients aren't so interesting for us. Teppanyaki dinner was great, had option of four different proteins. Japanese breakfast was very good and we did one breakfast at the viking across the street. Excellent variety and food, but of course more bustling than the private dining at Ao no Za. We enjoyed our time, relaxing, leisurely pace.


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