Onsen Sanso Daikon no Hana is an adult-only onsen ryokan located in Miyagi. It is situated in a forest and is surrounded by nature.

The ryokan has a total of 18 rooms that cost 20,000 to 50,000 JPY per night, with 14 rooms of its rooms having an open-air hot spring bath that faces the grandeur of the forest.

The large public baths of the ryokan can be enjoyed separately by men and women. Some onsens face the forest and can be rented for private use.

After taking a dip, guests are invited to taste Japanese cuisine that prides itself in fresh vegetables which are grown at local farms including the farm of Onsen Sanso Daikon no Hana. Breakfast and dinner are both served in semi-private dining rooms.

Guests will be able to enjoy the sight of the Zao Snow Monsters, which is a natural phenomenon that occurs around January to early March, and Huraizumi Cultural Heritage can be accessed from the location of the inn.

Onsen Sanso Daikon no Hana can be reached by rides from Tokyo Station. Due to COVID-19, guests must book under the guidelines implemented by the Government of Japan.

Private Onsens  (For couple, family, tatoo)

(1) Rooms with open-air hot spring baths available
(2) Rental hot spring baths for private use (outside guest rooms): 4 baths

Spring quality/qualities

Chloride spring, Hydrogen carbonate spring, Sulfate spring

Tourist spots nearby

Okama Crater and Mount Zao, Zao Snow Monsters (late January to early March), Hitome Senbonzakura and Funaoka Castle Ruins Park (mid-April), Matsushima Bay, Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage

Number of rooms

18 rooms

*Smoking is prohibited in all rooms (except for the terrace)
*Child Policy: Children (twelve years old and under) not allowed


Rooms with open-air baths

Onsen Area

Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen?
Onsen Ryokan

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)?

Is there a communal shared public bath?

Are there additional rental options?
With open-air tubs 4 With indoor tubs 0 With both indoor and outdoor tubs 0 Hours 6 am-12 am How to book Use when available (no reservation necessary)

Price range (yen)
20,000 – 40,000

The price includes one dinner and one breakfast

Daikon No Hana

Total rating: 4
Hospitality at its finest!
Went to Daikon no Hana for summer vacation with my friend, who went two months ago for her birthday with her family. The staff there were very quick to recognize her, greet her warmly, and ask about her family. It made the first impression already very welcoming. The hotel itself is a wonderful compound of cottages connected by wooden walkways, surrounded by nature. What surprised me were the amazing amount of amenities, such as free drinks for 24 hours in the lounge, DVDs to borrow, a beautiful reading room, a separate cottage for sauna, and the fact that even the public baths were 24 hours! The cottage was so spacious it was almost too big for two people! Beds and pillows were the most comfortable I've had in a long time. All the cottages have a wonderful view of the forest outside. The meals were not only delicious but gorgeous, and the restaurant boasts their vegetables are fresh from their own garden (which you can see at the compound). Serving staff are the same as check-in staff, and they are ever friendly and patient. The private baths are traditional, beautiful, and immerses you in nature with its proximity to the woods and the river. It's a serene place to sit back and relax. This place definitely gives you a sense of not being at a hotel but an exclusive club, as there are only about more than a dozen rooms, so staff attentiveness is a guarantee. During my check-out a staff member walked my friend and me to our car and waited in the rain to see us off. On a whole, my experience here was so relaxing and pampering without too much frills, I can't wait to go back when it's covered in snow!

avatarMark A
Serene opulence in the heart of the forest
A very Japanese experience for some very American visitors. Daikon No Hana is a collection of beautiful buildings and cottages stair-stepping through a heavily wooded area. We enjoyed one of the larger suites with its own private onsen (more on that in a bit). The gardens here were a real highlight...you must take the opportunity to stroll through the grounds. Pathways weave through the buildings and down through a little farm to a pond below the hotel...so peaceful. Our room was incredible...large with huge beams, inriquite woodworking and glass facing the onsen and looking out on a river ravine. Dining was memorable with a multi-course meal with the finest Japanese fare. Advice to American visitors...go with the flow here...use the supplied robes and shoes, try the onsen (there is a simple system for some reasonable privacy) and try to engage with people. You'll be pampered by the staff here and, like us, will count this as an experience of a lifetime.

amazing experience
Amazing property set in a quiet forest. Very secluded, private and great for relaxing. Great food, very fresh ingredients and well prepared and presented. Lots of private onsen to choose from, I recommend 2 nights minimum stay if you would like to sample all the onsens. The cooling salon with refreshments and late nigh complimentary snacks is a very nice touch. Young, energetic staff, very friendly and efficient. I have nothing negative to say about this hotel, I will definitely love to visit again!

Very nice
Small hotel with only 18 rooms. Rooms are more like cottages, so you would need to walk the outside corridor. The corridor has a roof, but in winter time, you may feel the cold. But the rooms are fairly large and nice. Apparently, what makes the stay attractive is the onsen. Two large baths and four privates. With only 18 rooms, you should not have problems in reserving the private baths. Of course the hot spring quality is superb and food is nice and very Japanese (lots of local vegetables).

Simply Beautiful & Magical experience......
We stayed at Daikon no Hana for two nights. We arrived at the Shiroishi-Zao train station & the staff already waiting outside the exit with the ryokan banner in Japanese writing, so if you can't read Japanese no problem because they're the only one standing there with a green banner greeting us very politely. There are a few couples coming, we use a mini bus to go to the ryokan, it takes around 40 minutes with a very old driver & stunning view of snowy villages & mountains along the way. We were told via e-mail that all the staff can't speak English,but apparently there's one staff who can speak English quite good, her name is Misa-san. She is very helpful since the moment we arrived she explained everything we need to know, give us the map of the ryokan, scheduling our dinner, breakfast & lunch, taking us to our beautiful villa & explaining everything inside the room including how to wear the yukata pyjamas with the winter coat. We wear the pyjamas/kimono all day wherever we go inside the ryokan area. The ryokan itself has a very unique concept because it consist of several individual villas connected by this open air wooden bridges & aisle, more like villas you'll find in Bali or other tropical mountain. Because of the land texture, the position of the villas have a good privacy & it's own beautiful breathtaking view of the woods. Love the main lobby with a small shops & there's a library where you can rent a DVD or books. Wifi only at the lobby. The room is huge, very clean with a complete compliments of bottled water, green tea, coffee, beauty kit & amenities. Theres no private bathroom inside our room, only toilet & wash basin. We must go outside across the open air wooden bridge to take a bath or shower, it's a beautiful experience. The room is very warm with a heater under the tatami mat. There's two outdoor hot spring/onsen with a shower, two outdoor onsen without shower & 24 hr public outdoor & indoor onsen with bathroom for men & women. They served the breakfast & dinner at the dining room, which all a private room & very beautifully design. The food is delicious with a fulfilling portion, there's a late night snack consist of oden soup & a steamed sponge cake so you won't be hungry. But for lunch we must go outside to a restaurant nearby the ryokan, there's a pick-up car & driver from the ryokan. The nearby soba restaurant is very beautiful traditional house & the food is delicious with a very wonderful staff. You can go to the nearest village centre for other options or go to public onsen or fox village to see the forest fox in their natural habitat. They have a very good system of using the onsen, we can use the private onsen whenever we want as long as it's not occupied. So it's very convenience unlike other ryokan where we have to make a reservation for a private onsen. The view from the onsen is magical with all the snow covering the forest with tall big trees around you. You will never get tired of the view surrounding this ryokan. The highlight of our trip : - The staff & the service is excellent, specially Misa-san who is very helpful - They are not allow to receive tips - The view is amazingly beautiful, you don't really get this kind of view at other ryokan - The wooden structure & the building is beautifully designed - Dinner was delicious with Fugu (Blowfish) as the main menu - The tomato juice is sooo delicious, also the milk & blueberry yoghurt during breakfast is my favorite - They served a delicious cookies inside our room, I bought one box to bring back home - This is a place for couple or two people, the onsen are mostly fit for two person only - Over all we had the best time & experience at Daikon no Hana, worth the price, we will definitely come back & stay longer

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