Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel is a modern hotel-style ryokan that’s bordered by woodland and views of the ocean, located in Shiretoko, Hokkaido–a World Natural Heritage Site that’s home to diverse groups of flora and fauna in its untouched wilderness.

The hotel has Japanese, Western, and combination-style rooms with capacities ranging from individuals up to groups of eight people.

Shiretoko Daiichi hotel offers a variety of facilities for its guests to enjoy, some of which include a lounge and coffee shop, a souvenir shop, a banquet hall, and dining options. For the kids, they have a Game Plaza and a pool area, “Aqualand”.

There are two separate indoor communal baths for men and women, as well as private baths for families.

The hotel can be accessed by highway express bus from Memanbetsu Airport, Hokkaido. The hotel is operating normally with pandemic measures in place to prevent the spread of infection.

A ryokan appearing in various media

Near the filming spot for the movie “If You Are The One” (2009, China).

Modern hotel-style ryokan

This ryokan combines a traditional Japanese ambiance with strong resort hotel elements.

Year of establishment



Rooms with open-air baths

Onsen Area

Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen?
Hotel Ryokan

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)?

Is there a communal shared public bath?

Are there additional rental options?
With open-air tubs 0 With indoor tubs 2 With both indoor and outdoor tubs 0 Price 2100 yen / 60 minutes How to book Reserve upon check-in

Price range (yen)
7,000 – 28,000

The price includes one dinner and one breakfast

Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel

Total rating: 4
avatarEthel the Aardvark
1980’s monstrosity
This is a typical ’boom & bust’ hotel, like the thousands of similar hotels you see all over Japan. It’s enormous, with lobbies, restaurands an common areas the size of airport hangars, huge rooms with separate tatami areas and massive onsens. All of which is in various stage of decay. This particular hotel is set back from the harbour, up on the hillside, presumably for tsunami reasons, which means you have to drive everywhere, to the boat tours in the harbour and the really nice little seafood shacks on the waterfront. The hotel offers, like all Japanese hotels, a myriad of ’settu’ options, all very confusing: breakfast, dinner and onsen package. Ditto with unlimited sake. Lunch and onsen and a spa treatment; don’t take any of these. The food is terrible by Japanese standards, and the gigantic restaurant is more like a East German Communist Party Headquarters canteen circa 1953 than a restaurant. You know whst I mean. Our room was huge, but with peeing wallpaper, slightly smelly damp wall-to-wall carpeting and (my pet hate) one of those pre-fab plastic bathrooms which has all the solidity of a bouncy castle. Our friends stayed at the Kitanokobushi Shiretoko Hotel, and I wish we had too. This is actually built this millennium and is right on the water. I highly recommend you stay there instead. As for me, I am thoroughly fed up with these depressing, smelly 1980’s concrete monsters.

Impressive decoration in the lobby
Our first visit to Hokkaidō so our friends treated us to a night at their favourite hotel. It was dark when we arrived so we decided to have onsen first and dinner straight after. The room was big with twin beds. We dressed in the yukata - we had to ask for extra large ones! Down to the onsen with my friend who reminded me what to do. Some of the pools were not too hot and it was enjoyable. Dressed again, still in the yukata, we joined our husbands and went for dinner. The choice was huge - a range of delicious food. As fish eater I went for some of the local fresh seafood. Dessert was ice cream, again a wide choice. We slept well, although the night was very windy. Morning sun showed us the beautiful view across the Sea of Okhotsk and the surrounding mountains. This view was also seen from the breakfast buffet - another great range of dishes to suit any appetite. Our friends had been up early and to the onsen again, so they were really ready to eat. Staff are polite, especially the restaurant staff. It was a lovely stay and we hope to come again one day, if only to see interpretive dance again.

Great hotel, friendly staffs
Best hotel in Shiretoko, especially dinner buffet. You can have many kinds of seafood, sushi, tempura and sweets. Also Myanmar curry(Someone from Myanmar works in a kitchen, maybe) Many Asian young people work there, so less language barrier for foreign travellers. Room with the ocean view was clean and huge. I could see the beautiful sunset. Onsen bath has also ocean view, and many kind of baths. Free WIFI in a room is a bit weak. Corridor side works well, but on the window side, some error happened. If you stay in Shiretoko, I totally recommend to stay at the Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel.

avatarMichael C
Great meals, spacious room and nice view
Stayed for 1 night as this is an expensive hotel. The front reception staff speaks decent English. Check in was quick. After staying 1 night, I can understand why the rates are high. The room was super spacious with a great view of the ocean. We were in room 806. Could have just stay in the room and admire the view. But the dinner was what blew us off... everything you can imagine Japanese (ramen, tempura, sushi, sashimi, and more etc) was available. The Alaskan king crabs for us was the highlight. Tip: Skip lunch n head for dinner starts at 5.45pm Though this is a very big hotel with high traffic flow, everything was very efficiently run and you do not see super long q at the dinner or breakfast counters Highly recommended place to stay when you are in the neighborhood.

avatarShermin P
First time in Hokkaido and greeted with amazing hotel!
Nice big hotel. Can tell that it is well maintained. The room is very big too. Dinner here was by far the best! There’s a shop in house so we could spend our time to walk around when it was all windy and rainy outside. Didn’t manage to try the onsen but heard its amazing as well.

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